Sunday, December 31, 2006

You don't need to go home, but you can't stay here...

It's time to put a big old period at the end of 2006. Instead of resolutions, I choose devolutions (with a nod to my love of all things 80's), a sharing of what was, lessons learned and what I know to be true.
  • Although the high road requires greater exertion and may cause muscle soreness, the path is always one of greater reward.
  • My nephew-in-law, serving his first tour in Iraq, saves me from the insignificant, daily drama to focus instead on dedication, sacrifice and just shutting up and getting things done.
  • George W. mistakes failure to compromise with patriotism. Because of that, he is a scary, scary leader.
  • At my birthday table this year sat a dozen beautiful, wise, healthy, funny, gregarious women, friends who took a moment to raise a glass and make me queen for the day (I still have the tiara).
  • Forgiveness, coming in a moment of daring or with one simple gesture, will put an end to the wrinkles, the worry and the heavy load.
  • Family is both the one you're born to and the one you create.
  • Family will take advantage, push your buttons and hurt your feelings.
  • Family is all that really matters.
  • The care of your body is the absolutely most loving thing you can do.
  • Listen instead of waiting to talk.

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beth said...

Here's a toast to 2007, to new and adventurous things to come (this is my first blog post:-)), thanks for the inspiration!

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