Saturday, January 20, 2007

Never or now?

Yes, never say never. This is a bigger-than-us, wacky world with surprises around every corner (for those who peek). But I can categorize certain circumstances and events as a “never” or a “now” (apologies to The King):

I've never had a Krispy Kreme donut. In days past, when I ate such things, "air donuts" (a.k.a. glazed) where the 'nut of choice. However, since I suspect an orgasmic response and immediate addition, K.K. is a never.

I've never traveled out of the country as an adult, but will absolutely do so. Ireland is first up.

I've never sky-dived. For the bid 3-0, friends bought me a tandem-jump package. The first two attempts were cancelled due to bad weather (one, a freak storm that blew up minutes before boarding). On the third attempt, got suited up, got ready to board and got to see a light plane crash in a fiery ball hundreds of feet from our tarmac. I'm a serious dumb-ass if I don't take the hint that I should remain inside a plane only, in the upright and seated position.

I've never bought a vehicle based solely on thrill quotient, instead going for MPG, value and how well it handles the snow (can you say, Honda?). There is a shiny piece of fun that goes vrooommm in my future.

I've never had surgery other than a wisdom tooth extraction or full-one anesthesia. Hope I never will. The thought of knock-out juice and (not?) waking up sort of freaks me out.

I've never had a Big Mac. Never will.

I’ve never been married but once engaged. It’s now or never. My looooovvvveeee won’t wait.

So, what's your never, what's your now?


Jeff K said...

I've never watched The West Wing. Doubt I ever will.

I've never traveled out of North America. Hope I do soon.

I've never scored a hat trick. Would like to do so NOW.

I've never liked guacamole. AND I NEVER WILL.

I've never drank a fifth of Captain Morgan while on a company retreat at a lake, stripped off all of my clothes and sat on the dock singing Live's "Lightning Crashes" at two in the morning. Oh, wait...

Jodie K said...

See, now I would have gone for tequila and "I Alone". Curious fun fact, my ex knew those guys when they were unsigned pub crawlers.

Jeff K said...

I forgot to mention that when I was never doing that, I was playing acoustic guitar, which lends itself much more to Lightning Crashes. Also serves as a bit of clothing when none other are preset, as it were.

Jodie K said...

Baby, better a guitar than a ukelele.

R.Kash said...

I've never [i]broken[/i] a bone (in my body I mean).

I've never seen an ocean (I was born in Japan, but 6 weeks old when we left).

Never been out of the continental US (see above).

Never been able to taste with the tip of my tounge (Thanks sis :-0)

Jodie K said...

No, no, no....I only took the meat cleaver to your thumb junction. Oh, and threw a wrench at your head then had you sit through dinner with a ballcap on so we wouldn't get in trouble.

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