Saturday, January 6, 2007

Though shall not steal, asshole

First, to the asshole (or assholes, plural) who broke in to our community mail box, destroying the unit and stealing mail (no, it was not an "accident" after all)...your mammas must be proud.

Second, to the credit card companies who push additional account protection fees when you call to track down payments, ensure mailing addresses are intact and rogue charges not should change the term from call center to profit center.

As a survivor of violent crime (I don't choose the word victim), mail theft absolutely pales in comparison. But it's a crime none-the-less. One that pisses you off and makes you rethink if your neighborhood is safe, going to shit or merely reflecting societal trends. After the fear comes the anger. Every penny, every pair of shoes, every piece of fruit in the 'fridge, the ‘fridge, every home, car, college education, everything I now have I EARNED. Those that choose to violate, cheat, steal or take advantage, it's not your circumstance, it’s not someone else’s fault and it’s not the only option. Do for yourself.

Wheel of morality, turn, turn, turn. Tell us the lesson that we shall learn.

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