Sunday, February 4, 2007

Couple's phraseology

Please excuse the upcoming Seinfeld moment.

Have you ever considered the origins of couple’s phraseology, a.k.a., the manner and order of how one refers to the two persons who comprise said couple? For instance, yesterday I went to Jeff and Darlene's house to visit with Candice and Luke and, while there, enjoyed a visit with Kyle and Ashley.

Which comes first and why? Do we refer to a couple based on whom we've known longer, are related to or like better? Is it flow of the tongue?


Roy said...

I never thought about that. Most couples I know, I say the names in the order I knew them. Otherwise, the name with one syllable gets to go first because it's easier to say "Bob and Kathy's house" than "Kathy and Bob's house."


Jeff K said...

You know, I hadn't thought about it either, but as I do I think I utilize Roy's technique exactly -- the names in the order I knew them, or the shortest first.

Jodie K said...

Well this is a conudrum. The two of you could be Jeff and Roy (per rule #1) or Roy and Jeff (rule #2)...oh wait, you're counting syllables each and not number of characters.

Too much time on my hands.

Jeff K said...

Actually, we're Jeff 'n' Roy.

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