Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Without a leg to stand on

The contestants for the next round of Dancing with the Stars were announced this morning. I've never made it through a complete episode, but am aware the show is based on viewer votes, much like American Idol. The fate of the dancing couples is up to the audience.

I have a prediction. Heather Mills (formerly McCartney) will be the first to go. HM(M) is the soon to be ex-wife of "cute Beatle" Paul McCartney. She's been slagged in the the U.S. and British press for wild accusations regarding her marriage to Sir Paul (including claims she was cut with broken glass by a drunk, abusive hubby), a saucy past of nude modeling and possible prostitution and the general opinion she’s a gold-digger, unwilling to settle her marital split without a bigger share of Beatles cash.

The Dancing powers are focusing on the fact that HM(M) is an amputee, having lost the lower half of one leg years ago in a motorbike accident, thus bringing light to the abilities of the "disabled". But as is the case with most reality talent shows, Dancing is a public opinion contest first and dance competition second. HM(M) stands zero chance. Fans protect celebrities with a vengeance and will punish HM(M) for daring to dirty an international music icon and treasure from our collective past. That producers have chosen to deliberately bring in a contestant with much heat feels like a set-up. More press, more very bad and hateful press, no doubt, awaits. That HM(M) agreed to participate at this moment in time is a bit of a head scratcher.


Lucyp said...

The HM(M) and PM saga really does bore me, i would prefer to stab myself in my eyeballs with my biro then have to hear anymore from this duo of insercure walking egos.
Excellant title for the post by the way, made me chuckle.

Joe the Troll said...

That IS a great title.

I agree with everything you said about her. When she said he was abusive and violent, I had to wonder why this never came up during his 25+ years with Linda. I mean, why would she have stuck around if he was like that? Linda did NOT need Beatle money by any stretch of the imaginaton.

Webmiztris said...

omg, this post's title is ENTIRELY in bad taste. I heart it. :D

Looney said...

Time to add you to El Blogroll. Thanks for visiting! Nice work. I spent 15 freakin' minutes on your previous poastie making a damn M&M of myself and wondering how many other more productive things I could be doing...

But I still finished upwith the M&M :-)

BTW, DwtS sux. American Idol rox.


Jodie K said...

Looney! Thanks for the add. Each one feels like a vote for Prom Queen ;) And right back at you.

Webmiztris...I heart your blog.

Joe...Linda had her line of the vegan entrees, so she don't need no "Yesterday" cash. must have an interesting perspective on Ms Mills given your locale.

And for all...HM(M) prepping for her dancing debut. I usually just have mints in my bag.

Jeff K said...

I'm not a watcher of the show, but I am curious: How'd she do?

Jodie K said...

Show's not started yet. Sometime mid-March. Trrruussst me, her appearance will be news and you'll see snippets. Her casting even made home page.

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