Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is sprung

In mere minutes, Spring will sprung. After weeks and weeks of foot after foot of snow, I'm as giddy as a school girl. What's not to love?

  • This morning I found the first green buds on the lavender bush outside my front door. Same for the crab apple tree.
  • Shoes don't require covered toes or waterproofing, only a pedicure.
  • Being under the stars with a cocktail, high about the city and grooving to a show at Red Rocks (those of you not from, in or a regular visitor to Colorado, I pity you. The Rocks is pure music heaven. Even the occasional stray vomit can't bring ya' down).
  • Corn on the cob and the good peaches are just around the corner.


Jeff K said...

Where the hey you been? You missed out on my Movie Madness contest, which has been a riot times four.

I haven't been to Red Rocks in so long. I think it was a Radiohead concert about 4 years ago. Nothing like Red Rocks anywhere. To add on to Jodie's description for those of you unfamiliar with Red Rocks, it's where U2's famed Sunday Bloody Sunday video was shot (you know, the one with the torches). My wife was at that show, lucky girl.

Jodie K said...

Nice to be missed ;) You know, I write for the Web as my job and been on serious deadlines lately so the blog sort of went to sleep for a bit. It's like when I worked for a music label...I couldn't hear new bands without coming up with a marketing plan! I couldn't get more words out me head for Out of me Head for a time.

I HAVE been keeping up with everyone though and reading my blog peeps blogs. I wanted to partake of Movie Madness, but I so don't get basketball or the March Madness or the Sweet Sixteen or the Final Four...love the detail though!

Can't wait to get my ass back to the Rocks. You've been since the makeover, yes, and the addition of the Hall of Fame? Looking forward to the "Summer of Stars" sched.

Jodie K said...

...btw, Kos, I think Haley and Sam would run a pert near nose-nose in a "cutest kid" contest, esp now that she has some personality emerging and is much less like a canned ham ;)

Jeff K said...

Oh yeah, she's freaking adorable. Maybe they'll hook up someday.

Paula said...

What a sweet photo! Thanks for sharing. I'm so ready for spring too, but it's freezing here today in SoCal, and that's making me MAD.

Lucyp said...

Welcome back Jodie. Spring landed in the UK a few weeks back and then Winter decided to give it one last go and we are back to snow and digging out the heavy coats we threw into the back of the cupboard.
The Red Rocks sounds good and you always know you have been to a good music festival when you leave with the occasional stray vomit stains.

Jodie K said...

LucyP, I even pulled out all the sandals and summer wear over the weekend, painted the toes and am shaking with excitement to get the patio furniture out. But, like you, no doubt we have one more big snow storm a'comin.

Paula, how cold reeeaaalllly does in get in SoCal? ;) Treat yourself to a Sprinkles and be happy.

Looney said...

Hey, you're both cutie-pies! Welcome back :-)

Jodie K said...

Loon, as much as I would love to be mistaken for a 22-year-old (though I really don't look my age and I'm not blowing smoke up my ass when I say that..good genes, can’t you tell ;), that’s my cutie-pie niece and her new baby. With hubby/Dad in Iraq, we get to spend much time together right now…even took Haley to see the mall Easter Bunny today, so cheesy but hell of fun and too freakin' cute for words. And you know, oddly enough, babies are HUGE boy magnets!

Looney said...

Well. Oops. Assumptions, you know what they say?

Well, they're cutie-pies, and I'll just assume you are too :-)

I mean, since we can't see your face n' all :-)

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