Monday, April 2, 2007

Far from the tree

Due to my usual bout of Sunday night insomnia, I found myself up late watching the premier episodes of Sons of Hollywood, the latest reality-TV offering from the folks at A&E. The premise, twenty-something sons of entertainment “royalty” live together in a wondrous mansion…and the fun and frolicking ensue!

The cast includes Sean Stewart, son of rocker-cum-standards-crooner Rod Stewart, Randy Spelling, son of legendary producer Aaron Spelling and some young-upstart-Hollywood-agent type, born a regular guy, but short and dark with an apparent Napoleon complex (...paging Ari Gold).

Stewart is the out-of-control, in need of anger management character, intent on portraying himself as Tommy Lee, but with less talent or penis (should the show make it past a few weeks on air, there will no doubt be a “very special rehab” episode). Spelling seems the nicest of the bunch, in a doughy, always sweaty kind of way (oh, and for kicks, should you want to see sis Tori’s original, factory issue nose, check out the mug on bro Randy. The resemblance is unsettling).

In spite of the little-bit-of-throw-up-in-my-mouth mess that was the show, it got me thinking about why offspring of the famous often follow said parent into the same arena. I suppose just as a plumber beget a plumber, the choice of career is somewhat affected by the parents and what is known. Sean Stewart is a “singer” and “music producer” (I choose those quotes with all due sarcasm) but would never, ever find long-term success as either. Pop’s semen did not bequeath the boy inherit musical skill, ability and the golden ear. I'm thinking really hard but ain't having much luck coming up with a short list of offspring who've gone on to any sustained, earned success (and no, I don't count either Julian or Sean Lennon in the equation; the legend is too great). Ziggy Marley has a modicum of cred. Stella McCartney, bred of Sir Paul and Linda McCartney, is a well-known designer but, again, is it more due to name or game? I recall one early line that consisted of swimwear in which the crotch was represented by a large pineapple. Even Kate Hudson, brilliant in Almost Famous, seemed to have just that one performance in her.

Perhaps I am clouded by the curse of Paris Hilton.


Paula said...

Kate's done other stuff, though it wasn't anything great, but was Goldie Hawn great? I can't think of anyone who's surpassed a famous parent, now that you mention it. Bob Dylan's kid has a rock group (The Wallflowers) that I liked a few years ago, but I haven't heard anything much from them lately. Stephen King's son (Joe Hill) has a scary novel out, so we'll see how that goes. How about Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas? There must be SOMEONE!

Braindead Betty said...

Norah Jones is the daughter of famous sitar player Ravi Shankar. If anything, I think she may be more famous than him.

Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight.

Um, I'm sure there are others, I just can't think of them at the moment.

Joe the Troll said...

Harry Connick Jr.
The Marsalis brothers
Laura Dern
Malcolm McDowell (son of Jason Robards)
Melanie Griffith (daughter of Tippi Hedren)
Keifer Sutherland
Jamie Lee Curtis
Carrie Fisher
Jane and Peter Fonda
Drew Barrymore
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Alan Hale Jr.
Liza Minnelli

More as I think of them!

Webmiztris said...

what the hell? that pineapple swimsuit is horrid....

Jodie K said...

Paula…I would rate Goldie Hawn on the A-list, given her longevity in the biz and that she was one of the industries first really successful female producers.

Betty…although I find her songs oddly similar-sounding and a bit of a snooze, Norah Jones is a bonafide talent, regardless of that odd country-and-western phase. usual, you give me hope. Your short list eradicates a bit of the pain inflicted by Kelly Osbourne.
p.s. - the soup last night, tortellini in light broth with parmesan crips. Mmmm.

Miztris...hell to the yeah. You want fruit on your cooch?

Interesting how the acting protégé bode better than the musical.

Stay tuned for my follow-up post, squeezing out the teen stars featuring David, Shaun and Patrick Cassidy, Jamie Lynn Spears and the sibs of Lindsay Lohan.

Joe the Troll said...

" Your short list eradicates a bit of the pain inflicted by Kelly Osbourne. "

LOL! Anyone remember Joey Travolta? I wonder what he does for a living these days.

That soup sounds good!

Joe the Troll said...

Ben Stiller! More famous than his parents, despite being less than half as funny.

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