Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HP has a big EGO

Since I work from my home, any time a piece of equipment or network fails to operate as it should, it's a major pain in the ass and a heart-thumper, hey-I'm-on-deadline kind of bad day. Yesterday, my HP OfficeJet K60 All-in-One acts up (again) and I spend many frustrated hours attempting to correct a "scanner failure" problem. As a last resort, I email Mr HP hisself for tech guidance. Didn't tell me much, help me at all or offer any good advice to solve the matter. My reply this morning:

Thank you for the quick reply. Your response actually included all the information I found on the HP Web site and other help resources.

I also contacted two of the authorized service dealers, neither of which was helpful. They would not perform at home service.

I finally "fixed" the problem with an oddball suggestion found in an online forum. Apparently, as I learned from many forum readers, this scanner failure is a bug in the product. I'm surprised the units were not recalled or offered to be corrected years ago. I've had this trouble off and on for a couple years now and it seems each "fix" is a different one. Sad, because although I work for IBM, I prefer the HP All-in-One printers. However my boss will not approve another purchase of one due to these issues.

Appreciate your time.

Not too bitchy or passive aggressive, right? Just the facts, ma’am, with a couple of digs thrown in, as I am known to do.

Here's what HP got/read/inferred from my love note (btw - all original punctuation and repeated "say my name" intact):

Hello Jodie,

Thank you for writing back to HP Total Care. Jodie, Firstly, I appreciate the efforts you have put in to resolve the issue. Jodie, I am glad to hear that your Printer issue is resolved. I appreciate all your efforts in trying to resolve the problem. Your comments encourage us to perform even better. I must thank you for taking the time to let us know how delighted you are with the technical support you received. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to provide you with "superior customer service".

Love, Ethan
(okay I added the “love”)

Gosh, if I could only get so much love and stay in that special place of joy. That letter will prolly go into a performance file or up on the wall, "Atta-Boy!" of the month. Next time, I unleash the dogs of hell.


Webmiztris said...

arrogant bastards... lol

they weren't kidding when they put "superior customer service" in QUOTES...ha!

Jodie K said...

Hadn't noticed that! Wonder if they were being a little bitchy as well ;)

Aries327 said...

That is so annoying. I'd almost say it was out-sourced because of the way the writer used your name. It reminded me of talking to my friends from India.

I've heard the all-in-one printers give everyone problems all the time. If you've had it for several years, I'd almost suggest getting a better one. They've definitely come down in price. I just bought a new laptop and spent a lot of time on Circuit City's website, reading about all-in-ones. If you bought one out of your own pocket, couldn't you write it off your taxes?

I'm not really sure. In any case, I've been known to send my own biting emails to companies I'm mad at. Usually they're about the slutty advertising that I have to look at when I log in to my hotmail account.

Jodie K said...

It's all good for now, since memyselfandI found the fix ;) Just find it sooooo funny and odd for them to assume my happiness. Tech support and customer service, most really bit anymore. Even my beloved Nordy's, the service ain't what it used to be. Sad, really. If I find great service, I am hooked!

O' Tim said...

Awhile back I bought a Lexmark all-in-one and when I tried to install it (twice), it enabled some speaking help program. It was a shame that it was speaking Norwegian.

Joe the Troll said...

I find that creative placement of the word "shithead" often helps avoid these misunderstandings. :-)

I work in this industry, and my company replaces HP printers with Kyocera printers a lot, because they drastically cut the per page cost of operation. When you do get a new one, remember that the cost goes far beyond just the purchase of the printer itself.

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