Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sharpton is gonna be pissed

People Magazine recently ran an article regarding discrimination against dogs of color. The article by Jill Smolowe is titled “Dog Discrimination?: When it comes to finding owners, big black pooches often face a tougher time than canines of other colors.”

Apparently, black puppies and dogs don't sell as well or adopt as often as their light-colored counterparts. Most pet store owners (btw, don’t shop at pet stores; if you lurves you some fuzzy friends, go to a shelter or work with a reputable breeder) stock light-colored dogs. Shelters report black dogs are least likely to be adopted, more likely to be euthanized. They speculate it’s because they do not photograph as well, or can appear “mean”. But it’s a dog on the inside.

Although comical to the point of sad, it speaks to the mentality of those pet purveyors who fail to commit to the animals willingly brought in to their lives. A large percentage of animals are dumped in shelters (worse, abandoned to fend for themselves) because the owner moves (I didn’t realize there’s issue crossing state or county lines with a furry or reptile) or a new baby/boyfriend/girlfriend appears and the pet is tossed like a stained mattress. Worse yet, some surrender loving pets because, as they age, they “aren’t as cute or good-looking”.

It’s not just black dogs. The adoption of black cats is halted during the month of October for fear the animals will be mistreated in the name of Halloween misfortune (although, due to overpopulation, some larger organizations have limited or ended this practice).

The “black pearls” need a break. Where’s Al Sharpton or The Rev JJ when you need them?


O' Tim said...

Before we had a kid our dogs were the kids. Still are really. It's a commitment for the whole of their life, period.

Joe the Troll said...

"I didn’t realize there’s issue crossing state or county lines with a furry or reptile)"

Hope not. I moved here from Illinois with 2 cats, a dog, and a python. You're bnoth right about the commitment. There were times when I had to find another home for a cat (I've been known to attract a surplus) but that is exactly what I did. I found them good homes.

Jeff said...

If we had a dog, and then we had a child, and the dog in any way appeared to be a threat to the baby, then yeah, I'd get rid of the dog without hesitation. Beyond that, I can't fathom dumping off the family pooch because he isn't convenient anymore. When we had to put my dog of 13 years down a couple years back, I was a wreck!

Jodie K said...

Jeff, I hope when you say, "...(if) the dog in any way appeared to be a threat to the baby" you mean it was too territorial or lunged or tried to sit on the baby to smother him or her or eat the face off. And you tried to introduce the two for a bit. And I also hope when you say, "...I'd get rid of the dog without hesitation" you mean you would work very hard to find that dog a secure home. I hope that's what you say. And believe that's what you say 'cause you seem like that kind of generally good guy.

Aries327 said...

I know, I know. People are horrible. I go over this all the time in my head. It's depressing to live an apartment complex because there are so many stray/feral cats. I don't understand the convenience factor in having a pet. I love my cats so much.

Have you heard of this place:

I wish I could work there. I love these people, whoever they are.

Jodie K said...

I think I love them too!

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