Friday, June 1, 2007


A cough due to cold may very well do us all in.

The saga of the Atlanta lawyer diagnosed with and carrying a dangerous form of tuberculosis, advised not to travel, placed on no fly lists and who did it anyway is the story du jour. Said lawyer has begun the press junket, speaking this morning to GMA’s Diane Sawyer, mask and all. HE SAYS they told me I could fly without risk to others. THEY SAY oh no we di’nt! HE SAYS I have it on tape that I could go get married and honeymoon in Italy with this deadly business rattlin’ around in my chest. THEY SAY liar, liar.

Atlanta is an educated man. His new father-in-law, how ironical, works for the CDC doing TB research. Not only did Atlanta choose to travel while infected, worse yet, he did so in an environment where the air is circulated around and around for all to share many times over. PR it anyway you like, Atlanta, you thought you knew better, put your wants ahead of the concerns and needs of the general public and even your weepy new bride. In news stories prior to todays TV appearance, Atlanta was quoted by the AP as saying, "I'm a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person. This is insane to me that I have an armed guard outside my door when I've cooperated with everything other than the whole solitary-confinement-in-Italy thing."

Educated, successful and intelligent (btw, redundant). How about self-aware, concerned at all about others, willing to listen to the experts, conscious enough to put the safety needs of many ahead of your own.

Now he says he feared he would be abandoned and left to die in Italy, forcing his covert trek by plane and car back into the U.S. Atlanta, the lawyer, is trained to communicate. Educated (and connected to the CDC) enough to make some noise. If you thought YOU might die, Atlanta, what about the woman sitting next to you enjoying her in flight honey roasteds? What about the employee behind the counter at the rent-a-car? Assuming you didn’t go all Michael Jackson and cover your mouth and nose while on your jaunt, what about the children you came in contact with?

Worse yet, Atlanta flew commercially while on a no fly list, a germy mess crossing national and international borders. It won’t be another blast from fuel and metal that will make the next big round of news. Seems the carriers of biological or germ warfare could easily slip in to a metropolis unnoticed. Atlanta is not a terrorist, as some have proclaimed. But rather a self-absorbed example of some of the worst of the human spirit.

Let the lawsuits begin. Hey, I know of a lawyer, willing to travel anytime, at any cost.


Lucyp said...

It is amazing how many times being educated, successful or intelligent has been used to try and hide what is just plain idiotic, and in this case downright dangerous, behaviour.
Maybe a few law suits will force him to engage his brain next time he does something so unintelligent.

Joe the Troll said...

And not it seems like there might not have been a wedding after all...

O' Tim said...

Joe - you need to get on the HTML bus (your link is cut short again).

I hadn't considered the security thing before, Jodi. They harass the musician formerly known as Cat Stevens but let the sicko through. Nice.

Miz UV said...

The real horror here is not one jerk and his blondarina, but the mindboggling incompetence of the CDC. Is this how they'd handle a threat of bio-terror? It'd be like Katrina everywhere.

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