Monday, July 2, 2007

Lloyd. Lloyd Dobler.

Like many women of my age group and pop culture leanings, I have an ever-lasting and long-standing crush on John Cusack. More so than the crush myself and every punk-rock wannbee girl sprouted at the site of Randy, nee Nicholas Cage, in 1983’s classic Valley Girl, my Johnny has remained a constant.

Yes, Better Off Dead is a brilliant hoot start to finish, but the lovefest all started with Lloyd Dobler. Look past the boombox-held-aloft imagery of Say Anything and you’ll find much more in this noble boy; the earnest underachiever in the too big trench coat and a love of both Diane Court and Bavarian Dutch style pretzels. He was all I wanted in a boy. He had heart and soul and a pen.

I found redemptive qualities in Roy Dillon (1990’s The Grifters, an underrated gem of family disfunction and the double cross and co-starring a stunning Angelica Houston) and Martin Blank, the troubled professional killer back in town for a high school reunion in Grosse Pointe Blank. The con man and the killer, not all bad really, searching for love as the passageway to redemption.

There's Serendipity, a lightweight feather of a movie, but one released in early October 2001 that provided a needed and pleasant diversion as I sat nervous in the dark for two hours, flinching at anything sounding like a low flying plane. And bonus, a repeat pairing of my John-John and his bitch, Jeremy Piven. I believe in the concept of serendipity and the word ranks among my top three favorite (along with “peradventure” and “kumquat”).

I make opening weekend to see Big Daddy John in any for-the-paycheck movie he appears in (Must Love Dogs comes to mind, although I not only own the DVD, I watch it regularly).

The men in my life are aware that I can never be theirs alone. As I marry, mate and mature, my love for Mr. C does endure.


Jeff said...

So... what'd you think of "1408"?

Miz UV said...

I love him too and want to see that. (Didn't really like Must Love Dogs though.)

Jodie K said...

1408 I didn't love (as many of my friends agreed, the major complaint being it could have been "scarier"), but I was sincerely moved in the scene where Cusack's daughter comes to him for the final time in Room 1408. And given it's basically a one-man-show, his performance keeps you involved and interested.

And yes, I still love him madly.

Aries327 said...

I love him too. I used to love him more, but I still think he's great.

At one time I really thought that if he met me, he'd totally want to date me. That was back when I loathed Neve Campbell or the Hewitt or whoever it was he was with. At that time I was also writing a screenplay specifically for him. I don't think I finished it. Ha ha.

Seriously, though. The recent romantic comedies suck. Nothing like "Say Anything" or "Gross Point Blank" or even "High Fidelity." Those are my favorites. I own all three.

You should meet my friend Steve. He's great. He loves "Say Anything" and when he's having a tough time in his lovelife he says, "Power Steve. I've got to power through this." It kills me.

Jodie K said...

I could quote that movie all the livelong day and for just about any occasion. A fave:

“I got a question. If you guys know so much about women, how come you're here at, like, the Gas 'n' Sip on a Saturday night with no women anywhere?”

Gas ‘n’ Sip. Still cracks me up.

Does Steve blog? Send him over, Red Rover!

Webmiztris said...

What about High Fidelity? I liked that one because my honey, Jack Black, was in it... :)

Jodie K said...

Oh yes, Miztris! Loves me some "Barry Jive and his Uptown Five".

O' Tim said...

JC is a righteous dude for an E.T.H.S. alum. Piven was a punk in H.S., but he's come a long way since PCU (which is actually kinda funny in spots).

High Fidelity - very high on my list of films that do the book justice. And The Grifters is one of his very best.

What was the one with him and James Spader going to law school together?

Jodie K said...

True Colors.

E.T.H.S. alum?

Aries327 said...

Steve does not blog. He's technologically retarded, which is one of those endearing things about him.

I'll send him a link to your blog, though. Apparently he reads blogs.

That's a great quote. I can't quote much of it, but I like this meaningless line, "I've seen the future, and all I can say is, 'Go back.'" I don't even know what it means. And I don't know if Ione Skye's character knew what she meant either.

Jeff said...

“I got a question. If you guys know so much about women, how come you're here at, like, the Gas 'n' Sip on a Saturday night with no women anywhere?”

By choice, man!

I watch High Fidelity once a year. One of my favs for sure. And given that I'm a Jim Thompson freak, I loved The Grifters.

O' Tim said...

E.T.H.S. alum?

The Cusacks, Piven, Dino DeVincentes, and Steve Pink all went there.

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