Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sacré bleu

R.I.P. mon cherie, le Tour De France.

Sadly, although I will miss my boys in spandex, their sleek riders bodies and clownish bulges, I must bid adieu.

The race I cheered with rabid excitement and fervor for a sweet, brief interlude each July, my summer lover, is gone. Your mistress, sweet doping, has taken your soul.

Au revoir Michael Rasmussen, kicked to the curb this week after missing four random doping controls in the past 18 months.

Farewell Cristian Moreni and your positive testosterone test.

C'ya pre-race favorite Alexandre Vinokourov, thrown out for homologous blood doping following your victory on Stage 13.

Peace out Bad-Boy-Floyd Landis, your 2006 victory still a shaky question mark, an asterisk in the history books, due to an abundance of synthetic testosterone.

Step Tyler Hamilton…I can’t go on. It’s just too painful.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids sang it best, my loves, “Dope is for dopes, drugs are for dummies. If you mess around with them, that kind of joke isn’t funny.”


Lucyp said...

It has turned into the equlivalent of weightlifting where everybody is suspected of dabbling with some chemical. Anybody who wins will be tainted with suspicion of using drugs.

O' Tim said...

I, too, have had my cycling fandom fall from a high crest. After watching Floyd win the 2006 Tour de Georgia and go on to ostensibly capture the eighth straight American TDF victory, it's been a depressing freefall. Men who could be considered the greatest athletes on the planet (and I know most still are) have had their sport gutted to the core. Tyler Hamilton raced with a broken collar bone, for god's sake! As was discussed on NPR this a.m., it will take a new generation of racers committed to cleanliness to bring the sport back. Can it happen?

Jodie K said...

Tim, I would hope it could because in my heart I want to believe there are true supermen of the sport. What the riders could do with their bodies dropped my jaw every summer. But now I just believe it can’t be done clean.

Hamilton live here in Boulder and is often riding at bike shop events, raising funds to show he tested based on the blood of the vanished twin. Diehard pals have totally written him off…never show anymore.

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