Monday, July 9, 2007

The Secrets That You Keep

A current local headline reads, “Secret life surprises kin, pals of missing woman”. A 30-something Mom from a town west of Denver has gone missing and salacious details have emerged that paint a portrait of her unknown life. The woman thought to push Pampered Chef products and teach dance to kids to make ends also worked at an escort service and sometimes went by an alias. The story is a sad one, and little doubt exists the ending won’t be a happy one.

Secret life. Secret identify. Secrets.

How much do you really know about anyone? Whether the people next door, the person in bed with you, the guy you work for or those gathered ‘round the family table, do we all lead somewhat covert lives, under a cloak of shame, pain or a past?

The happy clown, always with a joke or funny remedy at the ready who drinks every night.

The successful professional in designer labels, herself labeled among the best and the brightest, who cut in hidden places during times of stress.

The girl who never told about abuse because she thought the family would laugh at her.

The loving partner who strays, and the man who takes you back.

The man you love who is loving a wife at home.

The boy raised as a sibling, and referred to as “uncle”, but whose mother is your own. Or a sibling never known, the result of a hushed teen pregnancy and quick adoption.

I know all these people, most brave enough to share, to change the story from a secret to a revelation. All safe in the knowledge their words won’t be exploited or judged but used to help grow, heal and forgive. Some secrets are legend, spoken in whispers and around, never too, someone. Some only death reveal. There's a comfort in community, but some things we’ll never tell. I have secrets. I had some secrets I shared.


Miz UV said...

I'm really a Russian princess and have Faberge eggs in a safe. Shh!

Mike M said...

Great blog! I will be back for more!

There is a blog called Post Secrets ( that has some pretty interesting ones

Jodie K said...

Welcome to me blog, Mike. I'm loving Post Secrets. What a great concept. Refreshing to see we’re not alone in some of the craziness. Not all secrets are torrid confessions.

Lucyp said...

My secret is that i found a Faberge egg in this safe and... oh bugga.

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