Friday, August 10, 2007

Single White Female

"Please store all emotional baggage securely in the overhead bins".

The foot has been dry long enough. The time has come to dip a toe back into the dating pool. I’ve not allowed myself a proper date in nearly a year. There's no solid juicy crush to speak of. The last really good spin was the 27-(he said)-year-old waiter who made my 41st birthday every so memorable.

I am ready to date.

I’ve had friends tell me (all married, btw) that one must approach serious dating as you would a business plan. Set the goal.

First, find the men. The single, straight, eligible men. Given I work from home, my daily aerobics class is 99.5% women and we live in the digital age, I turn to the internet. Now, I’m a strong believer in the physical. Not what a person looks like, so much, but the tilt of the head, the walk, the stance. I once fell madly from the way he held the salt shaker. I may struggle with the see me, hear me, rather than touch me aspect of online introductions.

Second, post a profile. Extol all you are and all you seek in a thousand words or so. Gosh this is sounding sillier by the minute.... How about the basics:

I don’t want to get married.
I don’t think I want kids.
I’m not sure I want any part of raising yours.
I want funny, a little sensitive, good for a tussle now and then.
I want the good boom. The really good, adventurous boom.

I’m nervous and fear I may fail. As an independent, successful, often goofy, sometimes immature, at times introspective and dark, always ready for a cocktail woman, do I want (or need) the same thing a man in his late 30’s or 40’s seeks?

Will keep you posted. And hey, if you know anyone...


Miz UV said...

Good luck!

Jeff said...

I promise I'll keep my eye out.

On another note...

Thanks so much for your contributions to Boiled Dinner. Unfortunately, I'm hanging it up. Just can't hack it anymore. I'll still be around in comments, and definitely at Film Freaks. See you sooner...

Jodie K said...

I "Contactify"ed ya a little something Jeff.

Don't go 'way too long...

p.s. I will even sit through E.T. for FFC.

Webmiztris said...

good luck - I know it's hard! I've been living vicariously through my single friend and she's been having the worst luck! the one guy she went out with was obviously gay and he apparently didn't even know it...LOL!

Aries327 said...

I get it, the physical. Stoker is left handed, it smites me to see him write.

And maybe you should try a yoga class at a local climbing gym or something. A spin class? Men don't do aerobics, really, but they do the other stuff.

I'm just saying . . . you got to be where they are, but not somewhere you feel totally unnatural, like the autoparts store.

Jodie K said...

Have to say, I have a fab circle of women friends (most a bit older) because of aerobics and love them muchly. Don't have close family ties and they make me a part of theirs. Oh, and when I work out, I work OUT. I'm a bit of a girlie and wouldn't feel at me best looking for boys in the place I grunt and sweat (that's for later ;)

Aries327 said...

Right. Makes sense. I don't enjoy feeling like I'm in a meat market either. Good luck!

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