Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Born on the 11th of September

Sydney and Jennifer Winthrop were born six years ago today. Their parents won't celebrate with a party. That will come this weekend. The parents feel it's "inappropriate".

Take a moment to reflect today, but never, ever stop celebrating life. My oldest brother died February 1990. His birthday is/was September 16th; mine is the 28th. For years, my Dad couldn’t acknowledge my birthday. No card, no call. He told me he couldn’t do it. He couldn't celebrate the life of one child because the death of another was so great. It broke my heart a little.

It’s sadly ironic that my Dad’s second wife died six years after on the same day as my now oldest brothers’ birthday. I had the nerve and the love to tell my Dad we must celebrate those walking with us as well as remember those who've gone on ahead. We celebrate my birthday every year now. And every year on my birthday I eat cake. It's "Jodie Rule" that eating cake on your birthday ensures another sweet year. I want lots of cake served at my funeral too. Gotta celebrate a sweet life.


Jefe said...

Great post, Jodes. I've decided I'm going to call you Jodes.

Jodie K said...

Hey, I was sometimes called Judes in high school. Hey. Judes. Oh, now I get it ;)

PJ said...

I've decided to call you Jodester. Happy almost birthday, Jodester. Eat tons of cake for me!

Aries327 said...

That's totally a good attitude. I'm glad you had the nerve to tell your father. My mother-in-law's birthday is on September 11th. We celebrate it. If we didn't celebrate birthdays and holidays because something bad had happend on those days, we'd have no days to celebrate. Right?

Jodie K said...

Hey, on of me best pals in PA calls me Jodester ;)

Didn’t John Ritter pass away Sept. 11th, 2003, same day as his daughter’s fifth birthday? (Yes, thank you Wikipedia). Hard to imagine that emotional stew, but I recall her Mom had a party for the girl. Sort of have too, otherwise the message is one of just overwhelming sadness. And Ritter's was not a life of black sadness.

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