Sunday, October 7, 2007

The long and short of it

I've learned to listen to messages sent from the universe since the day it shouted NONONO to sky-diving by crashing a small plane hundreds of yards down the air strip as I geared up for a tandem leap (true story). Saturday, the universe sent messages of change. Over and over. In every song, every commercial, every interaction. So I cut off my hair.

I've had very long hair most of life, from childhood on up. I like it and it suits me and is one of me better features. I have good hair. When you've had long hair more often than not, the mere act of removing it leads to odd reactions. Years ago, I took the hair past my shoulder blades up to a fab, modern bob, falling just inches below the ear at its longest point. The women in my office LOVED it; they sent instant messages from down the hall and a building over. I got phone calls. I inspired those who “wished they had the courage to do it themselves" to take it off (one came to work a day later, sans hair). The men? Most look concerned. One asked if I was "okay". Wanted to know if I was sad or had broken up with someone or “needed to talk”. I had sacrificed my lush auburn locks in order to deal with some pain. I was "cutting”.

Is it because some men lose their hair that so many prefer women with flowing locks? Is it a form of reverse penis envy?

True, some shear locks to say goodbye to the past and signify a new beginning. Many faiths believe bad energy and ju-ju is released in the cutting and shedding of hair. I was bored.

So my auburn Reese Witherspoon long locks (hers was the last style I rocked, none of it extensions) have been reduced by about 5 inches with the Alyson Hannigan, Season 3 HIMYR. Pretty "short" for me. I even took my natural red to darker cinnamon/dark red combo. I'm loving the color. Makes me blue eyes pop.

As I played with and messed my tresses in the shop mirror, my hairdresser said it was “sexy". She's lesbian. Maybe I'll get the same reaction with players on my own team. Or maybe she just thought I was vulnerable.


Webmiztris said...

I so know what you mean.... when I get my hair cut, and I NEVER go shorter than shoulder length anyway, guys are always asking, "why did you cut your hair?" it's so weird! they love it long even though it suits my face and body better (at least in my opinion) if I keep it shorter. but they don't care about what suits your face better - they just want to see it long!

Miz UV said...

Dark hair with blue eyes totally rules!

I went blonder yesterday to cover my silver. Not that silver is bad, but . . . you know. I've also kept it long. It used to look crappy long, but now it looks good. Very strange.

Lucyp said...

I have always kept my hair quite short but i have tried to grow it a few times and got to that awful not short and not long stage and got it cut again, no patience i guess.
I have always had it lightened as well because as my skin is naturally very white, the times i have had it dark i just look like a goth.

Zhu said...

Is it because some men lose their hair that so many prefer woman with flowing locks? Is it a form of reverse penis envy?

:D Never thought of it this way but it's prob. true actually !

I have long hair... I believe that statement !

Jefe said...

You're gonna hafta make a new gravatar thingie now!

Jefe said...

Hmm... given my gravatar thingie, maybe you don't need to change it.

Jodie K said...

WebMiz - ...and so far, no guy has told me why! They even go for the crappy extensions.

MizUV - Dark hair with blue eyes totally rules!
Yea it does ;) And you know, nothing against silver, but covering it up is one if the simplest things anyone can do to create a more youthful look. So go for it! The silver ones are always odd and crinkly.

LucyP – I’m so white I nearly glow, but me freckles and (now darker) red hair still go together like peas and carrots.

Zhu – Welcome!

Jefe – I was all dreamy over that gravator. It's a ruse?! You're a fake hombre???!

Jefe said...

Of course I'm a real hombre! I just got a new hat, that's all I was talking about.

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