Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good fun or psychological profiling
…you decide

Fact/Habit/Embarrassment 1: I think it comes from years of dorm-apartment-dwelling sharing, but I have serious compulsive issues when it comes to the order of things and house cleaning. I MUST vacuum everyday (a wild day for me is not making the bed). Even the items in the ‘fridge must face the “right” direction (out and perpendicular). My master bath resembles one you’d find in a fresh hotel room. The towels are perfect.

Fact/Habit/Embarrassment 2: I iron all, and I mean all, of my clothes and pretty much wash everything after just one wear. I feel best when I’m “crisp”.

Fact/Habit/Embarrassment 3: I’m 5’8 yet always say I’m 5’8 and-a-half. I have absolutely no idea why.

Fact/Habit/Embarrassment 4: I cannot, on the first try and without giving it a bit of thought, properly say the word “specific”. Comes out as “se-speci-fic”.

Fact/Habit/Embarrassment 5: This may both be fact and/or embarrassment, but I really do care what other people think about me.


Lisa said...

Hooray for accepting the tag! Although I do have to say that there are only 5, and for such a seemingly OCD girl that's surprizing :) Wow, you and my mom would get along great (or I suppose do, since you know her), although you may beat her in the "neatness" category. I still find her fixing things that I clean, because I didn't do it well enough. I figured that that would end after I turned 8. Oh well.

PJ said...

You've revealed your innermost secrets and now I have ammunition to use against you.


Jodie K said...

Lisa - Holy monkey! Yes, I am soooo OCD and did just five. This means something somehow, I just know it.

The Peej - oh, there are things much darker to be revealed ;)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Ironing? You ever heard of the cleaners? LOL

Jefe said...

I'm OCD about certain things, particularly anything that can be sorted with some sort of logical order, like books or DVDs. Also, I'm 6' but always say I'm 5'8 and-a-half. Again, no idea why.

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