Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Vagina Chronicles

Thumbing through the newest Rolling Stone last night, “The 2007 Hot Issue” with Kid Rock on the cover, I came across the article, "Hidden Tribes of the Amazon", a look at the primitive culture of the South American rain forest. The photography is stunning, in sepia rich tones, showing daily life and age-old ritual...and vaginas. Well-groomed for ancient culture young vaginas. Or, shall I say, there is little bush in the rain forest.

The photos accompanying the article include many of men of the tribe, twig and berries strategically covered with, well, what looks like twig and berries. A large photo (a two-page spread, in fact) depicts Xingu girls, preparing for "The Dance of Life", upper and nether regions in full view. There's no misleading shadow or odd angle. It is vagina. The girls are young and attractive, with heavy bangs and long silky hair, adored in a string of beads and something akin to a thin hip scarf. It could have been an X-rated shoot from “America’s Next Top Model”. One page over there's a smaller photo of a chief and his youngest daughter. She looks to be five or six. Her genitalia is clearly visible.

As any boy will tell you, the first ever peek of boobie may have come from the pages of National Geographic, the seal-noised, somewhat saggy variety, but boob none the less. And I've seen shows on the Discovery Channel where the old dangling penis or bouncing ball sack makes a brief appearance. It’s a tribal, cultural norm. I find it odd and out of place in this magazine. Since my Stone came via subscription and before issues hit newsstands, I wonder if the piece will begat controversy.

On an odd note, supermarket chains in Colorado display Cosmopolitan only with a large blinder covering the cover model and her sexy attire. Too much cleavage.


PJ said...

where the old dangling penis or bouncing ball sack makes a brief appearance.

LOL! You sure do have a way with words.

And I do believe this will be a bit on the controversial side, yes. Let me know if you see black helicopters hovering above your house. You may want to make plans to take cover, just in case. You do have a bomb shelter, don't you? If not, you may want to start digging one.

Jodie K said...

Goodness, I certainly hope vagina doesn't cause that much of a ruckus ;)

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