Thursday, October 4, 2007

What the Fob?

The key to my car has become the bane of my existence. I never imagined something as simple as a device whose sole function is to initiate access to and movement of a vehicle would take up as much energy as me Fob.

When did the car key become so over exaggerated? The key to my 2004 Honda Accord is more than a key. It’s the remote-access-entry-system-locking-mechanism-combo, so large and bulky I think if I dialed the buttons in the correct order and quick succession, I could make a phone call on it.

I admit, the all-in-one access is somewhat useful, however I continue to search high and low for a key ring to fit the damn thing. I squeeze, maneuver, twist and force the plastic casing “Fob hole” around any standard key ring, and it sits stuck upright like a key erection. There is no graceful jingle and jangle. Each attempt to attach it to a ring wears down the casing, scratching and peeling it away; soon I fear the "Fob hole" will break away from the unit entirely, leaving a remote control type unit to carry about like a tin of Altoids. And did I mention in case of lose, wear or damage, a replacement Fob costs close to $100? It’s a KEY!!

As a single key gal, I pity those who contend with one, two or more on a ring. Add the house, mail and work keys to the loop and you look like Schneider from One Day a Time. Men, how do you fit it in your pants pocket? Do the ladies pay odd attention to your nether regions? Must look like a third testicle in there. Gone are the days I could easily slip me house and car key into the bra, jeans pocket or knee-high boot for an evening out, no purse required. Now I'm packin' too.

But, I'm off to the gym. Now...where did I leave my keys?


Joe the Troll said...

Anything to make our lives more expensive....

PJ said...

It's kind of scary looking. When I first saw it, I thought it was a kinky-type dildo.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I miss old cars.

Jodie K said...

Joe – I think the goal was “ease of use”, but yep, a hefty price tag usually comes along with that.

The Peej – One word…ouch

Ole Blue - Me too. I really miss the cars where you could sidle up and sit next to each other. There's no more driving around with an arm around your shoulders. And making out is tougher.

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