Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It Was A Very Good Year

As one matures, some desires, actions, reactions, behaviors and tastes may be deemed “adolescent”. Those things or moments which transport an otherwise sophisticated soul back to girlish fruity smells, cotton candy pink comforters, “Love’s Baby Soft” and summer vacation spent watching chat shows and running around hot pavement in little shorts. Many I still embrace (in fact wholly welcome and invite over often), these things that give “teenage me” great pleasure:

Cherry Chapstick

The tentative brush of hands right before the holding

Being the girl in the booth for the guitar player…

…having the bass player come over for flirty chat too

“Sooner or Later”

Grape Bubble Yum

Strawberry body butter

When a boy is nervous too


Did I mention kissing? And a little bit of hands under the sweater?

BBQ potato chips in the middle of the sandwich

That the first reaction to my picture and myself is often (if not always and every single time), “You’re cute.” I’m not "hot." “Cute." I will be cute when I’m 90, pulling down my tube top and chasing residents around the nursing home.


Miz UV said...

Countrytime lemonade mix with the goop at the bottom of a glass you scoop up with a spoon

Ban de Soleil suntan oil

Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs


Saturday Night Fever

Love At First Bite

Stopping for pie late at night

Crushing on the calculus teacher

Saving up for designer jeans

My dad yelling that the price of gas had risen to EIGHTY CENTS A GALLON AND I'M GONNA TAKE THAT CREDIT CARD AWAY FROM YOU, MISSY

Jimmy Carter being an idiot (some things never change)

One Day At A Time

Eight Is Enough

Doing jigsaw puzzles with my mom in the basement while watching scary movies


Snow snow snow snow snow

Blizzard! Yay! No school!

Baking a "pi" cake with Elizabeth for the calculus teacher during the blizzard

My dopey little doggie, so cute

Jodie Kash said...

I have "One Day at a Time" Season One on DVD, and can't WAIT for more (that and "The Facts of Life", both shows that, yes, still make me hap-happy).

Awesome list ;)

Don said...

* Strawberry Body Lotion from the Body Shop in Berkeley, ca. 1975, mixed with a little sweat
* Cruising stop signs in second gear
* Seeing her pretty head turn, and not knowing if she's thirty or fifty, and not caring
* Seeing her turn away when she sees I see her
* Pretty eyes behind glasses
* The fragrance of long soft hair
* Sunblock and buttered popcorn
* A shirt unbuttoned one too many

I totally believe you're cute, in a very hot sort of way.

Jodie Kash said...

You know I GET that strawberry body butter from The Body Shop, Boulder, CO, 2008.

Some things never change ;)

...I would like the hot to trump the cute at some point.

Don said...

My high school girlfriend wore that.

Whoa, check what I found on Wiki:

In 1970, Anita Roddick visited the San Francisco Bay Area, and encountered a store on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley selling shampoos, lotions and body creams. The store, founded by two local entrepreneurs and called "The Body Shop", publicized environmental concerns, and offered customers discounts for bringing in their own bottles instead of using new ones from the store.

THAT's the store she got it from.

/brandon\ said...

Climbing trees.
Getting as close to a barking dog behind a chain link fence!
The smell of diesel gasoline mixed with gravel.
Big Red soda.
Looking away right when she catches you looking. That moment before you look back.

Jodie Kash said...

Hey, baby..welcome ;) Found you via Don, so blame him.

You made the roll call. How could I not with a blog title like that?

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