Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When they get what they want
they never want it again

I am Good Luck Chuck. Pull yourself up from my thighs and all your dreams come true. “Chuck” is a 2007 comedy starring Dane Cook as “Charlie Logan” (aka, Chuck). To synopsize:

Charlie has to break the curse that's made him wildly popular with single women: Sleep with Charlie once and the next man you meet will be your true love.

I’ve not had loads of men in my bed, but the last two, after pre-determined and casual fun, found women with serious dating potential. Truth told, these men could be letting me down easy. Sweet, sweet liars. And although I heard it (a couple of times), perhaps I didn’t fully ring that bell. Plus there is a confidence that comes with the conquest, fueling the desire to get back on the bike and pedal hard, play a risky hand instead of bet on a sure thing.

Part of me wants to feel and do the same, but the bigger half doesn't really, not right now. Still enjoying the affair of it all. I admit to moments when the need to be merely touched, perhaps cherished a bit, overtakes the need to be drilled, to kiss with more care and less exaggerated tongue. Last night, I spent time online with a potential new buddy; we’ve not yet met, but have chatted often. He asked to come over. Asked what I wanted him to do to me. I told him it would feel good, at that moment, to be held for a bit. He replied (in much less elegant and eloquent terms) he wanted something simplier, even threw in a “hey” for extra casual emphasis before quickly saying good night. Hardcore, huh?

Oh, and the guitar player, my "holy grail” conquest and nut I couldn’t crack? His nuts remain intact. When asked, he told me there are the girls he fucks and the girls he likes and the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive at present. I smell what he’s stepping in; I sit on a similar lifestyle right now. So I had to go and like him instead. He’s mad talented, I like to watch and hear him play. He views me as an artist too and has made a point to introduce me as a writer.

He’ll be an in-the-rotation friend. I still may grab his junk in the off moment, but hey, what friend wouldn’t?

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