Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beautiful Girl

What a load of crap.

"Why pretty isn’t (always) sexy."

I've been to the bar, on the dating scene, in the car repair and at the gym long enough to call bullshit. Just last night, working out with the after work crowd, the rail thin, deeply tan blonde with a bottom most men could cup in one large palm (barely contained in shorts equivalent to Vicky Secret panties), breasts wider than the span of her rib cage bouncing sprightly on the elliptical in front of me earned stares from the hot men, the average men, the unsightly men, the young men, the old men. Dumbfounded stares as each wandered by. Yet the beautiful girl in the room, pale, scrubbed skin, chestnut hair, classic Dresden features and legs so long they appeared gangly as she kicked them forward with each extended step, earned nary a passing glance. It’s the "bottled" image; qualities we've been weaned to believe represent what’s sexy.

Absolutely, confidence is key. But we’re physical beings and, despite the rhetoric, little trumps sexy on initial contact. The somewhat fuzzy, can’t really make out the face but tits quite clear blog photo, when posted to a personals ad online, results in many more responses than me straight on and covered up. Men become smitten by words, humor, empathy and how snugly and comfortably I fit in my own skin, tits included. But sometimes, I too just want my drinks bought and my ass pinched.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I think the sexy one makes men lust so they gawk.

Men are horny

Miz UV said...

The article is crap. I don't believe he even had that experience. Usually, the prettiest ones are snotty, which is why the less-pretties are easier to talk to. The less-pretties more often have the better personalities and act more interested in the men, while the pretties are mostly only interested in themselves. Basically this is all true for men as well, which is why it's almost always a mistake to go for the hottest looking ones.

Don said...

I only read the 1st page but it made sense to me. The author thinks he's hot stuff, though.

I only say that because I've never actually gone up and talked to strange women in bars -- I'm the good-looking guy who's so afraid of people he comes across as terribly stuck-up, but if a friendly and semi-attractive woman asked him a personal question would melt at her feet.

Where was I? Gym girl. It's not the small ass. It's the tits wider than her ribcage along with the narrow waist. Breeding instincts take over every other at that point.

Aah. What do I know?

JodieKash said...

Breeding instinct, bah. Then why don't us women all want the big happy maker and broad shoulders and tall stature hmmmm????


Don said...

No, you don't. I'm three for three there and it ain't done me no good. Wimmins like guys who are good socially, or make money, or like that. Better indicator of worth than those anachronistic physical characteristics. That's how you can tell wimmins is smarter, more evolved, than men.

JodieKash said...

...and why, as a woman, I am screwed when it comes to dating because I'M good socially and I MAKE bank. Don't need any of yours, so just be tall and "happy".

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