Friday, May 9, 2008

Mocha Chocalata ya ya

They say chocolate releases the same chemical in your brain as sex. There could be froggy trouble a' brewin' this weekend in Colorado. But, really, how much would you have to eat to get "there"?

It's the smell that gets me. I'm a creamy fan of Origin's Cocoa Therapy. First given some as a gift and found it odd. Then I tried it. Chocolaty smooth, slight scent of orange and ginger and silky on warm skin; makes you want to lick. When layered with regulation Body Shop strawberry body butter, it's a fruity-dipped snack treat.

I'm down to the last swirl in the tub and, sadly, Cocoa Therapy is getting harder to find. Literally and figuratively.


Lucy said...

If there was only such a thing as men made from chocolate. Over to the scientists i think.

Don said...

I want me a sundae. I'll bring the nuts and whipped cream.

(I know, that was easy, but I chose not to resist.)

men made from chocolate

I know some gentlemen who would say they fit that description.

Miz UV said...

That sounds yum, especially the ginger. I have ginger body mousse, and it is faboo. Actually all my lotions, shampoos, etc. smell like food. Shampoo I have open now is lemon sugar from B&BW -- so delish!

Jodie Kash said...

Don...I may stop in the cocoa orgy tomorrow because they're doing chocolate body painting and it intrigues me to no end. Oh, did I mention I can tie the cherry stem into a knot?

Miz... Ginger Whipped Body SoufflĂ© from The Body Shop? Just bought. Love. It’s sexy and zingy. Like us ;) Ya know, you might love the Cinnamon Buns shower gel from philosophy. When’s your b-day? You’re so getting some from me.

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