Sunday, May 25, 2008

All things considered

Yes, I cringed at the flat images reflecting back in the digital screen of my stomach in a celery green satin fitted dress.

No, I didn't dance (by sheer timing and bad luck missed the traditional group sway), or hit on a cute groomsman, cuter yet in a tux.

Yes, the scent of romance and cloud of youth (given the average age of the bridal party – sans mine – came in at 24ish), too much champagne, estrangement and empty house awaiting set me sobbing after. Knew it would. It's hard out here for a pimp.

No, I didn't keep the casual first dinner date/hook up (depending on the definition) we'd planned that night. I was a bit too drunk, my ego and esteem a bit too bruised and emotions running too amuck.

Yes, he called, even went to the restaurant in the hopes I would have too because, in his words, "even a chance at dinner with you was worth driving for."

No, I wasn't expecting a polite phone call from still distant family this morning thanking me for the help.

Yes, I let the machine picked it up.

No response to the teary, pining message left on the cell phone of my past Friday night.

Yes, I regret making it.

No, no, it really was a lovely day overall.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

tWICE YOUR AGE? never dated a woman over 30. But hey I am a drunk used to be

Miz UV said...

Seriously, you look like one of their peers. But I do understand what you mean. I got dressed all nice for Sat night, and put on a bunch of makeup, which I don't often do -- and it ended up making me look older, both in the mirror and in photos. Either I don't know how to do it right, or I just look better plainer. In any case, I don't like any of the pics enough to post one. Maybe my shoes.

JodieKash said... should expand that age requirement. Many of us use the good products, and we make bank ;)

Miz...Genes and staying out of the sun. Thing is, I FELT sexy in the dress and my heels but when yards of shiny material is reflected back in flash, curves become great expanses. Maybe someone else caught a flattering angle. Oh, and I managed to dribble red down the front before afternoons end.

/brandon\ said...

i did up a wedding, too! but it was a hipster, portland style wedding, so the only crying was the dogs and the children. i didn't dance either, but that was because my ankle exploded the day before.

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