Friday, May 30, 2008

The Week in Review

The good news, I continue to drop weight.
The bad news, I’m out (or in?) growing clothes faster than I can remove tags and wear them.
The good news, Macy’s has an awesome return policy.

The good news, I feel stamina and upper body strength increasing.
The bad news, an hour of cardio kick boxing still makes every muscle in the mid-third-section of my body ache for two days.
The good news, see above.

The good news, the phone call to my past was returned.
The good news, his voice makes a sound I feel I’ve known since birth.
The good news, I still care about him a great deal.
The good news, I can make an emotional rather than just physical connection to a man. We’re like “brother and sister” he said.
The bad news, I still care about him a great deal.
The bad news, I over-romanticized him. In my mind he was the one.

The good news, the new Mrs. is happy, no coming down from the joy.
The bad news, none.

The good news, FLA niece’s second pregnancy is coming along.
The bad news, she’s in FLA. I’m in CO.
The good news, we talk everyday on the phone.

The good news, I'm excited about possibly adopting a retired greyhound.
The bad news, most are not "cat safe".
The good news, the term "cafe safe" makes me giggle.
The bad news, I have cats.

The good news, I'm focused and excited about my work and my writing.
The bad news, because casual flings are no longer a distraction.
The good news, I actually crave (and desire and, perhaps, deserve) emotional instead of purely physical connections to men. Who knew?
The bad news, I’m learning to crawl when it comes to creating emotional rather than physical connections to men.
The good news, I’m going to try.
The bad news, writing about sex is almost as fun as having sex.
The good news, almost.

The good news, it’s Friday again.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

That is the best poem I have read in a very long time.

JodieKash said...

The good news, I will take that as a compliment, Blue ;), esp. from you.

Miz UV said...

Good: I'm giving up chocolate cake.

Bad: Chocolate cake makes me sick.


JodieKash said...

nonnonononono...that's like giving up martinis or sex.

Can you still roll with brownies?

Miz UV said...

Haven't tried one in ages! Good idea, Jodie. Mwah.

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