Tuesday, June 3, 2008

You haul Sixteen Tons, whadaya get?

I almost peed myself.

The scale in the women's locker room gauged my weight 5 pounds heavier than last Friday. Roughly 72 hours. 1.7 pounds gained per day. Too much salt?

I bought a scale of my own in a mad-dash-of-a-detour home.

I'm the same weight I was Friday. Whew. Never owned a scale. Wonder how soon I'll become obsessed, step on it daily, hourly, after a poo. Weigh my cat or a boob.

I can now pull off my “big girl” pants (i.e. the spendy clothes worn when I worked in an office) without undoing them; they slide off like sweat pants. Sexy, no?


Miz UV said...

Oh, I learned right after joining my gym NEVER EVER to step on their scale. I bought a "Thinner" scale at BB&B, and it's the same as at the doctor's office, so I'll go with that.

How do you weigh a boob??

Don said...

Just whip off that belt and wiggle!

How do you weigh a boob??

In my right hand, with a bag of sand in my left.

Joe the Troll said...

Yeah, gym scales aren't that reliable. Also, the muscle that you gain from working out is heavier than the fat you lose, so weight isn't always the best gauge of progress.

Don said...

I lose weight if I don't exercise.

Forget poundage. What matters is how you feel, how you feel about how you look, and how you look.

JodieKash said...

Don, you lose if you don't exercise 'cause you got the perpetual ants in yer pants.

Anyone, anyone...ever had your panties slide down while shopping at the mall? I have. A fave Nordstrom super soft cotton hipster (in pink, for all you dirty birds now thinking commando), made it half way down my thighs before I found a private spot to remove them.

Miz UV said...

No, but I've had thigh-highs slide way down, which is very embarrassing. They're so sexy, but I have a hard time wearing them without constantly tugging at the tops.

Amy Dencklau said...

The scale at my gym is off as well. I swear, they make it 5-10 pounds heavier than normal so you'll spend more time there.
Nice to see you at the SATS premiere as well! I can see you're a Samantha...and you're fabulous! :)

JodieKash said...

Being pegged “a Samantha"? Most awesome girl compliment I could have ;)

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