Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

God I’m bored.

Not that I don’t have loads “to do”. I’m (again and forever) on deadline for work, with muchmuch marketing copy to be edited. Get going on the article to sell to “People” magazine. Figure out how one sells an article to “People” magazine. Send some columns over, red rover, to the hip Denver weeklies; scoop up the random writing and outline the book proposal. The deck always needs another coat of stain; slap on some thick, shiny polyurethane and call it a day. Poly works like conditioner on split ends, smoothing down the splinters.

I crave fresh excitement, more so than the daily recommended dose. A ride in a convertible, with the sun burning into evermore freckled shoulders and hot wind swirling. A hand slid up my dress in public. A ripe, juicy fruit salad with blackberries that explode when crushed into the roof of the mouth. A long, long lingering kiss. A plate of crab legs, tearing apart and cracking out the flesh, butter streaming down palms and leaving a slightly shining ring on the lips.

I need a hot summer fling.

But, it’s 10:04 on a Tuesday and I’m on deadline.

God I’m bored.

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Miz UV said...

Ooh, I love blackberries! Sometimes I buy a pack, wash 'em, sugar 'em, and eat them ALL myself. Not that anyone in my house really cares, but I feel so decadent.


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