Friday, July 4, 2008

Skyrockets in flight

How come, if fireworks are illegal in most every state, town and municipality, they still sell the fuckers at stands? And advertise in the newspaper?

I admit, I hate fireworks. The big booming, whistling ones, all bright colors and sparkles, eh, okay. I’ll ohh, ahh and oww tonight. I'll also passively aggressively wish for a bit of falange blown off the hand of the dumbasses who set them off on my street or on dry, dry wooden decks, brush fire a’waitin’ to happen and cats scared to piss.

I (wearing a fabulously bosom exposing summer dress) and a girlfriend will be at an upscale hotel on the hill, chowing on BBQ, listening to reggae and awaiting the big boom…and perhaps sharing fireworks with some out-of-towers. KaBoom!


Miz UV said...

OTB single and free! Have a great time. Be safe (but not too safe). ;)

JodieKash said...

See, now ain't that an ass tickler. I was thinking how fab YOUR day of grillin’ and chillin’ sounds ;)

That grass, that other side of the fence.

But today, yes, happily single and excited for possibilities. Just in the mood to flirt I guess.

Amy Dencklau said...

I agree. I'm actually staying in tonight to avoid the parking lot fiascos and the crowds. I love the big fireworks, but the firecrackers can kiss mine.

BTW: I LOVE the muppet skit! Love them!

Don said...

I spent part of the day selling fireworks, then packing up the stand. I very much appreciate that they are legal in my county and will be pissed when the nanny wannabes on the county board of directors finally get around to outlawing them. Of course, legal fireworks give good cover for those many families who also shoot off illegal ones. Fun times around here.

And no fires started by them. I hope you and your g-friend started some good fires last night.

The rest of the day sucked. Today ain't shaping up too good either.

JodieKash said...

Oh, baby. Collective blog hug, Don ;)

The prob here in Colorado, where it's somewhat desert-ey and veeerrryyy dry this time of year is that some jackass always starts a fire. Or several. Funny, just about the time of 'works last night began, you heard the trucks wailing.

Much fun and many margaritas with my reggae last night ;)

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