Friday, August 22, 2008

Let The River Run

No matter how protected, there can come a time each month when counting the days to 26 are a bit unnerving. Hormones, being what that they are, have a sense of humor; relief comes often at the least opportune time, saying hello in a pink wave.

Welcome, old friend, the day before a wedding and green satin, belly hugging gown. Or tomorrow while you tag along to a causal “25 Year High School Reunion” dinner to mingle with boys and girls, now men and women, each with a story to update and stomach to suck in.

Oh well. Dodged that bullet through another flip of the calendar.



Anonymous said...

Before I had babies I took Vicodin the first couple days of each period, and that was lovely. Now it makes me barf. Thanks, kids!

-Miz UV

JodieKash said...

Given my friend gave me six days (yeah, six) past her due date to fret, I'll take it.

JodieKash said...

False alarm. Nine days past and counting. Yet peeing on a stick reports a comforting "negatory".

Must be stress.

Yes. Stress.

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