Saturday, August 16, 2008

Melts in your mouth, indeed

Do yourself a chocolatey favor, try M&M’s Premiums. I had an afternoon quickie with “Triple Chocolate”, plump layers of milk, dark and white with a purple passion veneer. Rich and sultry, I could take just one, two, three at most at one time.

Made me moan a bit like a girl doing something other than eating a chocolate candy.



Miz UV said...

Ooh. Will have to be tomorrow. I already had ice cream and Mexican nom-nom bread today.

Don said...

Maybe it's just me but thinking of you taking three at a time and moaning like a girl just made me all, you know.

$Zero said...

Soon Denver will be filthy with media (left and right), politicos, security goons and, oh yeah, loads of democrats.

hey, Jodie.

do you wanna sell some amusing new t-shirts?

it might even help you get laid.

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