Friday, December 26, 2008

I Need A Man

Got a smile and hello in the seafood department today. From a fireman, natch. They’re drawn to me like, well, firemen to flame. He was older though, perhaps by a decade, but the rugged older, the still toned and sprinkle of gray on a full head of hair older.

He had great eyes.

I think I’m going for the older, established gents for a bit. Ones who’ve built careers with some prestige, still enjoy their work but have become distracted by the want for more life, the good red wine. Those who are just learning to play guitar or who write and can escape for weekends and pay for nice dinners out at little spots found by accident that soon become favorites and who dance close to honky-tonk music at a dirty hole in the wall that serves PBR in the can and who’s attentive in bed and wears a suit jacket sometimes. And who is confident enough about life and self not to be intimated by an equally established, creative, searching and craving, independent-to-a-fault (and who finds that really sexy) woman.

I want a man like me.


Don said...

I know this is a stupid question and it isn't actually directed at you, I'm just inspired to wonder how guys such as you describe make the decision to be available while they are seeking more out of life, as opposed to playing the good game and keeping hearth and home in one well-seasoned and comfortable place. The difference isn't in just whether or not they need to be comfortable or are afraid of change. There are so-o-o many variables. Does it really break down to a flip of the coin after all? I mean, WITH so many variables, it freaking might as well.

Not that you didn't already know what my question would be.

But indie-to-a-fault is really something. There used to be a jogger out here who reflected in my eyes like an angel. Because she was fine? No. Because she was in shape? No. Because as she ran dancingly to the music in her ear buds, she was completely oblivious and unconcerned with what anyone else thought? I'd say so.

Anyway, it sounds like you are on the upswing from this difficult "holiday". I hope so. I think it's inevitable that you, that all of us, would be.

Jodie Kash said...

@Don - It's choices, doll. That simple. Oh, and these men must be single ;)
p.s...there are no stupid questions. And god love you for saying us oblivious and unconcerned are sexy. I think so too.

Crys said...

i think what you are saying, my dear, is that YOU are the perfect man. :)

older men are great though. they've been broken in, do not need to be taught and usually know how to treat a woman.

you could do worse.

Grapes 2.0 said...

Yebbut, how come such a great guy is single? Ask yourself that.

Jodie Kash said...

@Crys - And yet I don't like the ladies that way.

@Grapes - uuuhhh...yebbut...I'm single. I'm older...

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