Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wherever I Lay My Hat

Is it bad for your female “area” to sit in bed with an ever-growing-warmer laptop on crooked knees?

Because, damn y’all, my loins are sweating.

I need room to write. A space to call my own, not shared with research and online tools and quippy marketing copy like, “Think you can’t afford IT? Think again.” I have precious little space, the mid-section of my compact, loft-like-three-story laid out in a strategic grid of home office, living area and galley kitchen (“dining area" is the steamer trunk in front of the couch, which also sometimes serves as hunched over writing space).

If I removed the faux-leather cigar chair in the top level master, I’d open a corner where, perhaps, I could place a thrift store vanity or small desk. But like a TV in the bedroom, is that toying with the love and lust life?

The basement is strictly off limits. Finished or un-, I can’t beckon the creative in below ground space, a bit too Unabomber crafting his manifesto. The basement holds laundry, dusty work out equipment (never used) and crap that doesn’t fit in livable space. My gift-wrapping room if you will.

Excuses, excuses, right? Diablo Cody wrote the screen play to Juno sitting in a Starbucks in a Target (talk about the genius emerging from vanilla corporate frosting). I can do this anywhere. Even at 6:14 a.m. in a short pink nightie and under the covers.


Miz UV said...

I write at work during slow times and at home, mostly in the dining room. But I can't write if people are behind me in the kitchen. I don't know why -- I guess we all have our "things." If it goes on for more than a couple minutes, I'll unplug and go to the bedroom. I'm also fine writing at a Starbucks, as long as my back is to a wall.

Don said...

No, you need a space for it, a place that isn't stolen from some other part of life. I haven't managed that in my 3800 sq ft so I can't advise how you will in your compact domicile. But manage it we must. Yes, Stephen King wrote his inaugural opus at the kitchen table but I honestly can't imagine how.

Don said...

Yes, ITA w UV, if there's any chance of being crept up on from behind it doesn't work well. Though I guess at NaNo meetups it was okay because a) I didn't knbow those people and b) the whole thing forced me to stay focused. Mostly I need a wall so if I impulsively end up in a chat with someone my wife can't suddenly appear at my shoulder ... :D

Crys said...

ah yes, the hardest part of writing is actually writing. it's even more difficult when you actually have stuff to write but inadvertently make your loins sweat.

i think.

Jodie Kash said...

Miz - I writes all day fer work and I’m not selling there what I’m selling here

Don – whatchyoutalkinbout that the missus can't have a peek ;)

Crys - sometimes advertently

/brandon\ said...

i wonder if the heat of my laptop has been the reason i haven't had a child in 5 years? WIN

Jodie Kash said...

B - perhaps...I have no children (that I know of)

Don said...

"(that I know of)"


Those of us in the biz are working to bring the heat down, you know. It's all about physics n shit. Pretty soon you'll be able to play WoW in a taxi cab. And that sends me off onto tangents about the past and future of human society that I just don't have time for!

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