Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I will have you, yes I will have you

It’s not soul-feeding to lust after a thing, to love an object.

But oh baby, I gotta have this.

It’s a contraption in pen form that allows you to write on paper, spilling and capturing poetry and prose. Or whisper sweet nothings, moan as the muse is called. Once spent and sweaty, simply penetrate a USB port on your laptop or PC and all is released, left transcribed to soft.

Oh to the my to the goodness.

Spiral notebooks holding tiny explosions of thought are scattered throughout the house. In the car. I write in every free moment; with feet immersed in mani-pedi, naked in the tub, waiting for an oil change. I keep a mans-thumb-sized digital voice recorder next to the condoms next to the bed. There are hours of honey voiced files saved there, observation and realizations. Secrets and desires.

Mama needs it.


dan said...

I go nowhere without my home-laminated moleskine cahier notebook, but still find the odd (or otherwise) thought escaping memorialization. Then there's the travel notebook, the kidlore notebook, and the special personal notebook I keep hidden and fill with words not to be shared with anyone else. I'm a slave to pen-and-paper and it's not the first time I've admitted it.

I'm not sure how this object you've identified actually works but I find I'm afeared of learning more about it; it fulfills too many fantasies. If it vibrated, I'd just give myself up to it right now. I don't even personally desire vibration, but I know it comes in handy sometimes.

Jodie Kash said...

@Dan - I'm old school, I love pen and paper. And anything that vibrates, except brain surgeons.

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