Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'll see you, in your wildest dreams

The last guy I slept with just e-mailed.

Has it been a whole 16 weeks? I have quit smoking. I have joined a gym and make it there regularly, and it shows. I had not looked at your blog for a while, caught a whim. Still the refrain of approach/avoidance. Wish that I could have helped that. Hope you are well....hugs.

I'm amused by a perfectly placed passive aggressive poke along side the whassup since the quest to save me from myself apparently failed. Renée "You complete me" Zellweger really fucked it up for the ladies, chewing that line and swallowing it whole like a piece of salt water taffy.

Now you know why I gave up men, especially the overly-hormonal-more-girlie-than-me variety, for lent. Almost made it, peeps, but feel the need to blow off some steam and perhaps a broad-shouldered fireman or scruffy guitar player before the Easter egg hunt. Well, the weekend is coming.



Don said...

Has it been that long? Wish I could have helped. Be well ... Agh. Us metrosexuals suck. Polite. The soft touch of avoidance. I mean, with that phrase, he actually thinks he was talking about you ...

Thankfully, the only Zellweger movie I've seen is Chicago.

Paula Light said...

None of it bothered me EXCEPT the first sentence. Like, oh wow, didn't even notice four months zipped by cuz life's been going along so great without you. Bleh. Jerk. If he hadn't put that, the rest could have been interpreted favorably.

Go for the fireman!

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