Monday, April 27, 2009

And feel the magic in your touch

In class yesterday, after the "hard work" as my yoga instructor calls it, we moved on to hips and spine. We'd just finished a “super person” stretch (love that she calls it that, not Superman or super hero) and baby cobras when she asked us to move hands down to our sides and place our left ear to the mat, bellies on the earth. Relaxed and eyes closed. She roams the room as she leads us beginners and in that moment of quiet and tranquil she crouched down and rubbed the small of my back in little circles. I smiled, appreciating and warming to the touch. Whether an adjustment or a lovely gesture I’m not sure. Didn't matter, the connection stayed with me to this morning.

But today I'm sad. I need to refocus wild, unleashed energy into deadlines and moving forward shining my heart. Would be lovely to know at the end of the day there was someone to rub tiny circles into my lower back. I'm a bit lost for true comfort, but then so many are. Can’t even play coy because every thought and emotion is released in writing and the exhibitionist need to show my soul to those who merely eavesdrop. I’m just sad today.

Happens even to the joyful and the unburdened.

Try to keep any little piece of my heart you may admire in safe hands, okay?

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