Thursday, April 16, 2009

Caribou, Day Two

This getting out of the house every morning, out with the 3D people, is good for a girl. I feel, normal and part of things.

Unfortunately, several days of a mostly coffee and stress diet have torn up the tum a bit. Odder yet, it took many moments to realize I'm in a COFFEE shop, which is also a HOT BEVERAGE shop and the peppermint tea is hopeful to help settle the urp.

I may be coming down with something. The down, I definitely got. Didn't realize until last night how absolutely and fully addicted I am to the Internet. Without, did all I could to busy myself. Lovely cold cocktail in a lovely hot bath. Dinner of sushi rice with butter and cheese (told you my eating habits of late leave much to be desired). Then the Jones. The need to connect. To communicate.

And fuck me if I didn't realize how deep that connection goes.

I want a friend like Dan, who regales me with lavish words to simply describe the color blue. Or Pearl, who may very well have the other half of this amulet I wear around my neck. Or Staci and shared tales of singular lifestyle and naked nerves. Or Jeff and a black-and-blue-flesh-wound sympathy contest. Catherine, her pies and glorious poetry. Or the new boy who's turning my head and curling toes for all the wrong reasons, but damn if he doesn't have the nicest teeth and similarly saucy appetite for casual fun. He'd like to come over tonight. I don't know his last name. I don't do that anymore, right? That's not the comfort I crave. Right?

But I don't want these people merely beaming out in liquid light. I want people like this here for arms around and long chats and disagreements and looking into eyes as we figure out needs and desires by saying them out loud to another. I want to touch and be touched in every sense. When did contact become so virtual, so out of reach?

Mmmm, that second sip of tea is helping.

We're due for more snow this weekend. Another wallop they say. If I could, and if you could, I'd invite you all over for soup (something lighter than stew and broth based) and crusty bread and bottles of wine and board games and real talk and real touch and real connection.

Besides the peppermint tea, it's all I really want right now.


Don said...

That sounds so good. Hey, you're not the only one finding the internet teases more than it pleases. In this crazy new society people need ways to connect and I'm afraid the net just doesn't do it, except to make the opportunity for opening doors a crack. The rest has to be done offline. I've learned by observing my Burning Man people. They use the net to announce party dates and that they left for the playa but otherwise, cricket city. They don't seem to fool themselves with online conversations. That energy, that learning to like, that wonderful spectrum of adaptation we instinctively use to construct our ever-shifting personal tribe, from what I've seen is saved for real face to face time. Gurl: You don't have to go to B/M but find a local crowd that gets together for fire dancing lessons 'n shit, I don't know, here.

dan said...

well durn. Maybe it's just because blue is so damn deep sometimes, or feels that way. I get the same feeling reading posts here sometimes so I guess it's like sticking with a theme.

My game of choice is Fluxx:
Set up a tourney and I will get there somehow or other.

Jodie Kash said...

@Don – Thing is, I sorta, kinda…uh…okay had a brief…actually… fling with one of those CO burners. Don’t want to seem like a stalker. Oh, and I like to use deodorant. Snap!

@Dan – So the blog makes you blue, or it's deep? I’ll take either, and a cocktail, please.

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