Thursday, April 2, 2009

I smell what you're stepping in

I’m not a smelly girl. When it comes to ladies fragrance, overpowering florals can bring a headache in moments. Mens fragrance is harder yet; musk is good, but once after a night of rolling around with an overly misted actor, I sweated new shoe leather and beef jerky aroma through an hour of morning cardio.

Ask any girl, her first anointment into fragrance was Love’s Baby Soft, a light and powdery squirt that smelled like the color pink. I graduated to non-descript Avon scents and those you could purchase at Walgreens before landing on my first womanly, grown up fragrance, Opium. What should have been reserved for special occasions and salty evenings, Opium became my everyday signature. Even now, one whiff harkens memories of college and boys in hair bands, Def Leppard, cigarette smoke and wearing bike shorts as part of an outside outfit.

A flowery and voluptuous character with hints of jasmine, lily of the valley and carnation. An oriental and spicy base, the scent is rich with notes of vanilla, patchouli and amber.

Opium smelled like sex, and it got even stronger as it warmed up. I love it to this day, but replaced it with a somewhat lighter mix, philosophy’s “Falling in Love,” a junior version, a less intrusive punch to the neck.

A soft blend of vanilla, soft florals, and ripe berries goes on sweet and dries down sexy.

Now the quest is more fruit. It started with strawberry body butter, an absolute addition. Slathered on apr├Ęs’ bath or shower, I’m tempted to plunge my tongue through the pink fluffy tub. Strawberry scented fragrance, harder to come by. The Body Shop (my butter dealer) offered up a strawberry oil, but my nose picked up undertones of patchouli and mint. No.

Ran to Sephora for a sniff of "Strawberry Flowers" but once mingling with my pheromones and body heat it turned sweetly flowery and dusty, like old curtains hanging in a church.

I’ve finally found my girl. From Demeter Fragrance (the folks who bring you scents like “Celery” and “Dirt”) and she’s a "Redhead in Bed."

Pause on that a moment, ponder it. It’s as if the scent was created just for me.

Two parts gin, splash of lemon, muddled strawberries and simple syrup. Shake together, garnish with strawberry and enjoy!

A true ginger (even an enhanced one) is a redhead in bed and life.

I picked up a little spray of "Strawberry Ice Cream" too, for those more playful days.

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Natsthename said...

I'm an Amazing Grace girl, but I'm beginning to open up to Falling In Loved. I just wish their scents last longer, without falling to the whole "layering" sales aspect they push!

Next time I'm in Sephora, I'[ll take a whiff of that Redhead in Bed.

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