Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lady With The Spinning Head

I’m a bit much to take, an Energizer Rabbit stuffed full of fresh batteries who'll burn them out in one extended flick of the “On” button. I don’t like to stop when things feel good.

Two grey goose martinis and the second glass of red are better than one. Once I've relented to or been given a proper working over, instead of reprieve and satisfaction, desire increases ten-fold. Creativity flows, the bend in yoga becomes deeper and I become a hyper puppy sniffing at a crotch. I like to ride the roller coaster many times in a row, until legs are jelly and heart is beating vivacissimo (on a slow day or evening at the park, a flash of smile towards a young machine operator and “Could we go just one more time…please?” plea often does it.)

I crave constant stimulation is some form or another, the cure for my ants in the pants. My hands fly in motion expressing words out through palms and finger tips. Find my foot tapping over crossed knee when seated. I wander, in all forms and fashion, physically and mentally. Swear actual heat must generate from that motor.

I pop over to social media often, text and IM and call and e-mail and blog and seek connection to feed my head. I'm Julie the Cruise director, planning and plotting to put myself out of the house more than in. I work at the coffee shop now. I crave similar people. But there’s also laundry (did five loads this weekend), groceries, the time spent fueling the soul solo. Sometimes can't score a partner in crime.

Whether squishing tall blades of soft grass between toes in the park, or leaning into the concave and comforting curve of an old tree trunk reading, or throwing back shots while shelling peanuts onto an already sticky bar floor, or PBR in a can and rockabilly, or pounding hot zoo pavement secretly wishing for a dive into the seal pool, or belly laughing at clever improv, or indulging in closer-to-red-than-pink-wet burgers and crispy thick fries until the belly aches, or a head-scratching indy film at the Tivoli, I’m in.

Chances are I’m there already, but joy loves company.

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