Monday, April 6, 2009

Stranded in some skin and bones

Even after a weekend of scones and soup (the half can of cannelloni beans to the chicken rosemary stock created a lovely thick quality to it, without the guilt of cream) and not one but TWO dirties with colossally spherical and crunchy olives and the scale this morning is up just .6. And really, that near pound is a floaty pound, composed of bits water in the cells, air in the lungs and train coming down the intestinal track.

I like Jodie 2.1 and want to see her succeed, want this to be the new normal. I like how my thighs look in the dark wash skinny jeans I roll into large cuffs above pointy flats or wedge sandals, my uniform; if you were to dress as me for Halloween, the jeans, any INC top, large silver hoops, long bangs and flat ironed hair and you’ve nailed me.

Yoga has already made a visible change, body taller and leaner. And powerful. Friday I dropped and gave up five military style push-ups, ass down, up on the toes. I only stopped at five when I realized, “DAMNATION! I’m on my fucking toes, doing a man pushup!!” Sunday morning I got my first tripod inversion, first balance, knees on triceps. I’ll try floating those legs up next week.

I don’t crave alcohol so much anymore. My new thing is something I call “power water,” distilled water into which I slice lemons and limes, oranges and shaved ginger. The last batch I threw in ripe blackberries as well. I’ve gotten use to the coconut oil, a bit of a challenge. Never a big fan of smoothies. I'd rather crunch and squish my way through whole fruit, but it’s the best way to down it, the oil grinding and freezing into tiny hard beads. I also spread a teaspoon or two on a few wheat saltines before a workout, fuels the furnace and gets the big muscles pumping past where I think I can take them.

And heated it pops the most delicious corn.

My nails are growing like mad; I think it’s the addition of Vitamin D, a sorely missed element from most bodies.

I still have 40 pounds I wish I work off. I still shop the L’s and XL’s. My pants size is still a double-digit.

And dammit if I’m not sexy as hell.


dan said...

major kudos on the tripod. Once it starts feeling normal, they get pretty easy. I now find headstand to be my cool-down pose, thighs clenched against the waver but not against gravity, eyes relaxed and observant as I watch the light of the sunrise descend from treetops to greenbelt across the street. And I envy you that coconut oil, and sesame oil, too. My cholesterol spikes just by typing the words. Then again, my manilla mango smoothie this morning kind of rocked, and I've got two mangos left to freeze and eat like ice cream tonight. Fitness: who knew?

tentopet said...

Wow, congrats! I'm sad you're no longer a Jazzerciser (I just joined at the Denver center) but it's obviously working!

Jodie Kash said...

57 hits, 2 comments. Feed my soul, man ;)

@Dan – Thing about the coconut, I was skeptical too; I mean why put a pure fat into my body. But, like olive oil, it is a pure, unsaturated fat and some theorize it aids a sluggish thyroid (I’m a holistic work in progress). I could slurp olive oil until the trees come home and my cholesterol (the good and bad combined) is rocking the charts.

@Amy – My girl! Yeah, head up and breathing! I love my gym and lovelove working out around men energy. Glad you’ve showed up to add some DC color and energy.

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