Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work Is A Four-Letter Word

If I didn’t have work today I’d take in a yoga class this morning. Last nights roasted asparagus with feta and spinach salad with walnuts, blue cheese and dried cherries was winner, but the tilapia a bit salty. Feel the need to wring out some sodium. Instead I rolled out a few happy babies then took to the carpet for cat/cows and down dogs. Impromptu yoga while dressed in white wife beater and silly orange cotton panties with “Kiss Me” scrolled on the backside is comically sexy. I turned myself on a little.

If I didn’t have work today I wouldn’t have pulled out of bed at 5:45 a.m. to write, but rather spend an entire, luxurious day at it. A writer with credentials and a dust jacket once advised to write when you can, carve out nooks and crannies of time for it. Even at 5:45 in the morning. Since I’ve committed to writing daily - the real deal, no vlogging or slogging or sharing thoughts in 140 or less - the muse has awakened. And if I didn’t have work today I’d flesh out the book proposal now in cell form I’m taking to a friend who happens to be a publisher next week. I found it.

But I do have work today and once 8:00 o’clock calls I'm elbows and ass deep into retail solutions Web copy, a project that will grow my professional portfolio and add something special to the electronic resume I may take to agencies if and when. Oddly uninspired, though, like I'm fancying up a cigar box with glued on macaroni and spray glitter. Again.

If I didn’t have work today I wouldn’t keep one eye on the time at lunch with the boy from high school – now a man in the present – this afternoon. Last Wednesday, this Wednesday. I like this trend. Instead I’d enjoy the sleepiness of a glass or two of wine, nestling deep in a big booth and the flow of conversation.

If I didn’t have work today I’d create more soup for the soul, this time using less rosemary.

If I didn’t have work today I’d be naked in the Macys dressing room. The guitar player (yes, him) is releasing his first CD this weekend and something fabulous, perhaps corseted or slightly cinched at the waist, is called for. Look forward to seeing him again, it’s been months. I couldn’t be more proud of or joyful for him. Despite the drinking and flirting and escapades which created our odd friendship, I admire him beyond measure; his work ethic inspires me.

If I didn’t have work today, I’d have a lot of work to do.


Paula Light said...

Nice. I don't have work today. I'm taking Sharon to the dentist, and then we'll see if there's a movie we want to catch somewhere, have a veggie lunch, maybe buy some cute spring somethings at the mall, but only what we "need." Oh, and it's the first night of Passover, so we'll deal with that, but not in a hugely major way because, well, I don't really care anymore. If she wants to chill with friends later, then I'll get some writing time; if not, not. I've been beating myself up a little too much lately over that, and other things too. It's time I told myself I'm doing okay, considering the circumstances.

Sweet Herald said...

*is jobless so can't feel your pain*

And decorating cigar boxes with pasta and glitter was fun when we were kids, dammit. :P

dan said...

I'm so there with you, and simultaneously seeing things from a very different space. I would be so busy if I were home, except that home is a madhouse now and not geting any less mad anytime soon - and work is an oasis of calm, filled with the low-hanging fruit of easy accomplishments, and my bus ride will be peaceful and I'll even get some writing done on my way home. If it weren't for actually working, this place would be sublime.

Congrats on the book proposal and on Wednesdays with NewOldMan. FWIW, I think the orange panties would made a real splash at the CD release party, but my perspective has been known occasionally to warp.

Don said...

You said get my ass over and comment.

Sorry, got nothin'.

Boob is a four letter word.

Write when you can. Good advice. If you have the mind for that, wonderful. Use it.

Me overworked too. In fact another rambling India call in accents I can barely disentangle enhances my evening. I will so miss this when I'm unemployed.

Jodie Kash said...

@Paula – No more of the beating yourself up. Next thing you know you'll file a restraining order against you and then friends won’t know which you to side with and it’ll be all awkward.

@Julie – FT student and Mom, doll you have the job with no days off. Ever. But great results at the end when done properly. Boog’s a properly done so far.

@Dan – Those orange panties are a old new fave. A rediscovery if you will. Sorta like the NewOldMan.

@Don – I know another four letter word. Several. Don’t be wooed away.

Don said...

Woo is a three letter word. Whoo is four. I like whoo better. Whoo!

Jodie Kash said...

@Don - I prefer whoo myself. Plenty of it, doll. Doll..another one.

Pearl said...

I loved this post, Jodie.


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