Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Business Time

One of the hottest things he did was to take the keys and phone from pants pocket, leaving both on the entertainment center (that's a funny descriptor, "entertainment") downstairs.


Odd that I mixed his favorite drink for myself. He finished the beer.

I don't mind Tuesdays. Conditions are perfect.


Nokorola said...


I'm not aware of you prior to two minutes ago.

You are awesome, you like The Rutles - All you need is cash, your blog is "Out of me head", Veruca Salt was misunderstood, and that is all, have a plesant day Jodie.

Nokorola said...

Oh, and also:

Do you feel better after seeing the Queen?

No, you feel better after seeing the doctor.

Not my doctor you don't!

No, not your doctor.

dan said...

I think I'd call it the "media etagerie." From what you're saying here, the "entertainment center" seems to be somewhere else. Glad you had a nice drink/time.

Tuesdays have always been the toughest for me. I can gear up for a monday, but then I've shot the wad and I've got nothing left for the NEXT FOUR FREAKING DAYS. gah.

Anonymous said...

"Shot the wad"? You do realize what Business Time she is talking about, right? See a doctor if it's four freaking days, unless you are ninety or something.

Jodie Kash said...

I dunno...I've def gone longer than four freaking days when it comes to "Business Time." Not happy times, those.

Jodie Kash said...

And Nokorola, welcome. Anyone who can quote "The Rutles" like that is a friend of mine.

I met Neil Innes in the flesh. Uh huh. A moment of greatest.

Anonymous said...

We've all gone longer [without] than four freaking days, either by choice or by circumstance. Dan said "nothing left", a considerably different experience than either of those. But, since I was joking and I doubt Dan meant it that way in the first place...

Besides, I have always thought in the back of my mind, cheese and onions.

dan said...

looks like wednesdays are not much better for me than tuesdays; I'm still working at an attention deficit. my comment refered specifically to things I have to do once I get out of bed. Leave me in bed and Tuesdays can be remarkably productive. Better yet, join me there.

so sorry for any misunderstandings. I'd hate for you to think my 90-year-old stones have gone to dust.

Jodie Kash said...

Rule #1 of Fight Club, no anonymous comments ;)

Anonymous said...

no anonymous commentsOK.

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