Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One day away?

The long weekend ahead may be spent mostly solo, but I lustfully anticipate one day in it on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder and the food shop that sells only

...wait for it...

french and faux fries (veggie sticks - it IS Boulder after all) with lip-tingling dipping sauces and maybe a cupcake at the tiny bakery that has a chocolate bacon variety and a tarot card reading and a Boulder Book Store coffee and a stop at any art gallery I find and something I don't need to collect dust or a gift for a lovely at a boutique found nowhere else and feeling the sun heat up my scalp and hoping for warm words from a good boy or dirty ones from the bad one and blisters running off hot sandals and vodka tipsy.

Hell's yeah.

Until then, today I have a cat with a possible broken foot and laptops that won't cooperate and deadlines and weirdness in my woman bits and a workman in the house earlier whose B.O. lingered and too much work, too little desire for it and wanting to sip greyhounds and kiss the dirty boy some more.

Hell's yeah.

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