Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You can't handle the truth

Still a bit mystified by the coroners conclusion and labeling of Michael Jackson's death a "homicide." I get that an injection of sleepy juice ultimately did him in, but he paid a medical doctor (and handsomely) to provide it, striking up a deal for his personal care. Sure never trust a ho or a junkie, neither perhaps in their right minds, but the question becomes...

Do we charge McDonald's workers and the guy who invented deep fried Snickers with fatty assassination?

Or point a finger at Ed Hardy for the death of good taste and his questionable fashion sense? A "Love Kills Slowly" tee may not mortally wound, but at minimum makes a guy look like a douche.

Drunk dialing can mean hara-kiri to relationships, a two-for-one legal beat down of Grey Goose and AT&T.

I’m considering litigation against nature and its accomplice, the sun, for crispy frying my epidermis and killing plump cells. Argue all you want that I could have slathered on a thick layer of sunscreen, I have paperwork. I don’t need personal responsibility.

Guess we can’t be trusted. Our outcome in life, our happiness and sadness, has to be the result and fault of others, no? The blame game. It’s not me creating me, it’s you.

To quote Pretty Woman, "Work it, own it."


tentopet said...

I agree for the most part; this has been bothering me too. Nobody seems to think Michael Jackson is most to blame for his own death, when it seems to me he was. No matter what, he would find somebody, somewhere, who would give him the drugs he wants with enough money. Still, this guy was in on it, and knew what he was doing. He was an accomplice and should at least be disbarred for the safety of others.

Lisa said...

Hahaha, I would love to see a guy sue the T-shirt company for making him look like "a douche." THAT I would love to see.

dan said...

let me be a little legalistic: a homocide just means the taking of a life by another, as opposed to suicide. There's nothing in it that imputes wrongful behavior, and there are myriad shades of homocide: Justifiable homocide, negligent, manslaughter (of varying degrees), and murder, plus a bunch more. All they're saying is that MJ's death was caused by the action of another person, who gave him drugs that killed him. That person could have said, I took an oath and killing you wasn't part of it - I'm here to keep you alive, not to satisfy your craving for depressants. The doctor was involved. It was homocide. The questions of malice, justification, and mitigation are yet to be broached.

I have just filed suit against coffee for what happened to my pants this morning. It's too painful for me to discuss in a non-legal setting.

dan said...

and wow, I misspelled the main word every time I wrote it. I'm joining the "send" button in my lawsuit against coffee. mthafka.

Jodie Kash said...

Oh yes, if we could only sue the douches ;)

Jodie Kash said... Dan, was Belushi a homicide? Or was I too young a pup to know all the details?

Certainly, a doctor who provides treatment that’s clearly detrimental to another’s safety is suspect and more. The power of money and celebrity. But what about a dealer who sells to an obvious junkie? It gets nutty and diluted the more the story makes the news. After Columbine, my state went to every extreme to blame the men who sold the guns and the artists who made the records and the graphic designer who imagined the video games and the wealth of a community and…and…and…

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