Thursday, October 1, 2009

If it makes you happy it can't be that bad

Playcation To Be Resumed (TBR) mid-December.

Time away from work is time off schedule and daily trips to the gym the past 10 days trickled to twice weekly…or so. Happily regular exercise is part of my every day routine; sadly I feel the lack of it in both my core and my head. Happily I spent much of my recent time off naked and he likes all the bits, jiggly and not.

I found the Macys at Park Meadows Mall in the vanilla-ice-milk suburb of Highlands Ranch (a 45 minute or so drive in mid-day traffic) offers by far the best selection of bosomy dresses, slimming tunics and dark washed trouser jeans. And sadly the surliest employees, many who speak little or interesting English and offer help only when asking to corral purchases to the nearest register. Oddly enough, in a land of overly processed women who shop instead of work, wave ring finger diamonds the size of rock candy and push children in strollers costing roughly the equivalent of a used car, the ladies restroom is outdated, filthy and mostly broken and smelling of prunes and poo gas.

It was there I found a special birthday dress, fabric soft to the touch and with a low scoop neck, shirred at the shoulders and above and below the rack. I felt cute and happily exposed in it when worn to the hip sushi-martini-steakhouse where I spent my special Monday night with special company. Sadly one layer of stretchy ruching snapped at the right shoulder on only its second outing and it’s going back (a return, not an exchange) because what kind of sap pays $90 for a dress that self-destructs?

Happily I kept the pale-blue-colored glass sake bottle we drank and candle placed in my red bean mochi ball I made a wish on before blowing out as a sweet souvenir. It's sitting on my mantle.

Time to clean the ‘fridge of salad fixings and Greek yogurt, real whipped cream in a can and other perishables gone bad the last two weeks. Happily nearly every day was spent lunching and visiting with dear old/new friends, dinners sitting close at cute boutique restaurants that don’t advertise on TV, snuggled in for movie night, relaxing with home-cooking and company, soft pretzels and peanuts and beer at the old ball game. And the sweets. Hazelnut mocha and chocolate mousse cakes, all for me.

Sadly didn’t get nearly the writing done I’d hoped to. Too happily busy living it.


Don said...

No sadly! Living is better than writing.

Pearl said...

First we live it, THEN we write it.

Good for you!!!


6p00d8341c587753ef said...

I'm sorry to hear about your broken strap, but at least it lasted through the birthday festivities. Loved this post!

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