Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Were my cheeks red

In an effort to save money, my HOA recently hired a young man, paying him $12/hr, to do light maintenance, repairs, snow and ice removal and such around my little community. He's that young kind of yummy that makes one ponder 1) yes he legal but 2) I could have quite possibly given birth to him.

He's friendly and clean cut and wears a black leather racing-type jacket and jeans and work boots. He always says hello.

This morning I ran into him on my front stoop as I stepped out to feed a hazel nut to a squirrel and while wearing a too-past-the-knees-to-be-any-kind-of-sexy nightshirt. With sock monkeys on it. Only Velcro curlers, fuzzy slippers and lit ciggie at the corner of my mouth could have completed a more crazy old lonely lady collage.

At least I had my panties on.


The mad woman behind the blog said...

Well there you go: your embarassment will prevent you from making an untoward advances. Thus saving you and him from any future "incidences."

Unless you don't mind him thinking of you as the quirky gal in 9B w/ a hot pair of legs. See, now maybe he's invisioning what might be under the wacky nightshirt.

Aah the possibilities!

Chantel said...

I once answered the door thinking it was my a ratty nightgown with one of those "cross over" style tops. Tangled hair, straps slipping off my shoulders...yeah, Courtney Love bite me. It was the UPS man. After he left looking decidedly cheerful I realized my entire left breast was showing.

Hungry wildlife or not, get dressed first.

justsomethoughts... said...

if you only knew the pure sexual energy of sock monkeys....

Cody Bones said...

Cougar sighting in Colorado

Jodie Kash said...

You called me the "C" word? Nooooooo.

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