Sunday, May 23, 2010

(Still) want to be Diablo Cody. And Corrine Burns.

Watched Juno again this afternoon for, what, the seventh time?

That's one doodle that can be undone, home skillet.

Dialogue so inventive and crisp I eat it up like popcorn. Yes, once the movie made the leap from indy to darling the backlash began and it was mislabeled by some a snarky teen comedy. Too quippy language, too much pop culture, a hamburger phone for fucks sake. The phrasing is fast and unexpected machine gun fire, lightning quick banter much like Amy Sherman-Palladino's fabulous Gilmore girls series.

It's also how I talk. I like to think it's how I write.

Of course I saw it coming that Jen Garner would get the little bean but didn't feel doing so tried to pull some weepy emotion out of me – see any chick-with-a-cough flick for any tired example. Allison Janney is an amazing comedienne, you must watch her in Drop Dead Gorgeous over and over and over. Still have a crush on Jason Bateman, the grown up version even more so.

Next up another watch of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains. Diane Lane as Corrine Burns shaped who I wanted to be at fifteen, all punk rock attitude, panties over fishnet hose and two-tone-hair. I was simply a chunky, mostly lonely girl living in the Midwest. Grown up me still chews on the tasty leftovers.

"You are so jealous of me. I'm everything you ever wanted to be."

"A cunt??!"




Name: Destiny said...

never seen "ladies and gentlemen..." but it is now officially on my que :)

Jodie Kash said...

Love a girl who's not offended by the "c" word.



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