Thursday, May 6, 2010


Let’s break down Jodie’s day so far, shall we?

Three (more) hours tutoring and so overwhelmed learning InDesign in 10 hours or less that I break down in tears - in front of my tutor.

Leave my bank card in the ATM and drive away. It was shredded.

And the phantom hip pain I've been placating with massive doses of Advil every 7 hours for a week blew up so big I now hobble instead of walk.


...the cherry on top, another medical bill, this one in the $200 family and not covered by insurance. The insurance provided by the employer whose needs and demands are killing my soul and talent a little. Oh heck! Who wouldn't shell out a couple Benjamin's for the pleasure of having ones uterus inflated? Climb on board!


Name: Destiny said...

Poor baby, my whole week has pretty much been this crappy so I feel ya girl! ...well, minus the uterus thing, which I don't want to feel.
haha sorry if it's too soon to joke :)

Jodie Kash said...

No worries...the inflation as I cheek-ing-ly call it (really a saline thing to crack that lock) was over a month ago. It was...odd. They warn you of cramps, and as I’m on my back and in stirrups I’m thinking, "No, I'm good, I'm good." Then WHAM! Those cramps you get after too much strong coffee and a raw spinach salad. The kind that warn, "Bathroom now!"

Name: Destiny said...

Nice. Yeah, I'm gonna say that's something I never want to experience. ever. Glad it's all good now though! :)

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