Monday, October 4, 2010

“Fabulous and full of cake”

Official birthday doesn't launch for two-and-a-half hours and I've already been gifted 4 bottles of wine. What does that say about me?
That I've got killer friends ;) Trust.

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Trust when you have little to do, little gets accomplished.

And it’s absolutely fantastic.

In the last week the most orchestrated tasks I've completed include having another rotation around the sun, drinking many more bloodies and vodka drinks than most should, partaking in loads of sex and shopping and wine – so much wine – and sleeping late. So very late. Not a minute spent in the gym or the steam room or writing. Nary a word, in fact. Haven’t sent a freelance inquest or drafted a book proposal. But lingered over lunches and brunches and soaked my pedis and got chatted up in the beer line on a Friday afternoon in a college town and met up again with a friend who shares a similar lust for life and sat happily in it.

It's no wonder I haven't written a word this last week.

An oft overlooked treasure of birthdays or becoming sick or scared or hitting a wall of tough times or accomplishing something big is those who know you enough to know it share words in cards and letters and notes and calls and emails. Tiny reminders of the things we believe about ourselves at the core, but that shine brighter and hotter when coming from the people who see use from the other side of the mirror.

His card wished happy to the fairest of them all and was signed “Love" and seeing those words swirled out in fine point black ink felt good, so good I keep looking at them. He spoiled me with gifts few others would think of or recall in passing conversations. He made sure I had cake to eat. The girl I met at 16 or 17 and I shared strong, ballsy chat and drinks and ink that read, "...such a mix of qualities – wise, kind, funny, sarcastic, dirty, vulnerable – a well rounded woman.” It's mutual. Thoughts jotted in funny cards and stunning cards, one thick stock paper cut into a work of yellow sunshine art and postmarked NYC. Another handmade (like she always does) and stamped, “Someone like you should be celebrated every day.” The bottle of red and bottle of white grape that came with will help me do just that.

Yet another bottle of red came the next night. Another gift, another good thought. I'm drunk in all of them.

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Have a happy, happy birthday!

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