Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There was a little girl, who had a little curl

Nothing last forever and few things stay the same over time. Water streams over and smoothes rough edges of river stones, sand becomes a pearl. Charlie Sheen is back on the drink and the hookers.

As we age, body metamorphosis seem to happen overnight, often to ones surprise or chagrin. You awake to a couple new pounds, a deeper marionette line or less snap-back in the skin on the top side of hands (is there a companion word, the opposite of "palms?")

Noticed one particularly odd change as I got older. It wasn't when my breasts went teardrop, taking a turn both downward and up (like a seal pup nose) or the occasional full strand of gray instead of a few random pube-like sprouts. Instead my stubbornly stick straight hair went curly, the kind of wave I sported through much of high school and college courtesy of an Aveda natural botanical and seaweed perm; you couldn’t wash your hair for days after and it smelled of the sea and plankton. But a girlfriend who scored a swanky stylist job at the swanky downtown Boulder salon did them for $20 after hours or on Sundays and they were kinder to the scalp. I rocked the Tawny Kitaen for years before following follicle folly and embracing my naturally smooth locks, in long layers and with heavy bangs. My trademark.

So imagine my surprise when I began to notice natural wave. Just a little at first, the sad and homely kind like morning-after hair or curls past their prime. Even mousse or gel wouldn’t coax out more. But on a slow ship to Bermuda five years ago the humidity exploded my shafts (dirty) to twice their size and for the rest of the cruise I tucked away the blow dryer and flat iron and, after a wash and condition, would simply dry my head leaning over the balcony, a sea spray and saltwater finish.

And this is me now. Sometimes and rarely, because I still prefer Manson girl straight. Old friends recognize it instantly. The face has changed some.

So have the puppies.

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Lisa said...

Dude, ever since I had Aaron my hair is curlier. It started out straight, got a little wavy during puberty, but now I can't get it to get all the way straight! Bah! I'm having a hair mid-life crisis.

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