Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks

On this pre-travel-and-Thanksgiving day, I’m giving thanks:

To the manfriend who’s sticking it out. And not just his penis, although every day is Penis Day.

That with the exception of occasional (okay, regular) morning aches and pains and the addition of Advil into my daily routine, for good health and a strong frame carry me yonder and fro (blisters on blisters reminders of legs and a structure that works as it should and my fondness for inappropriate shoes).

For forgiveness. Instead of turning the volume up to 11 on childhood monkey mind voices that howl failure or worthlessness or you got what you deserve, when I slip and fall I reach for hands to pull me back up, help me stand, allow me to repent, to learn and move on. Clean. Like forgiving myself that half-bag of Salt and Pepper Canyon Cut Kettle Chips that made it into my chute last night.

For water. See above.

To the 14-year-old cat who threw up directly into the sink this morning instead of the white, overstuffed chair and ottoman as she did (twice) last week. Note to self, pick up a new, overstuffed chair and ottoman.

To a family of dozens, the people (both biological and magical) who love me when I don’t, smile when I arrive, tell me the truth, listen when I talk, remind me when to stop, watch the cats when I'm out of town, take me seriously and simply love me.


And for mashed potatoes and gravy.

1 comment:

Peau said...

Yes, let's not forget the mashed and gravy!

Happy Thanksgiving, J. <3

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